3 Types of Email Marketing

There are 3 types of email marketing and it’s important to choose which one to use. Email marketing is still a great source for generating income and can take a start up to new heights. But before you start dreaming, take a look and consider the dangers involved in email marketing and what you should avoid at all cost. Amateurs will find out really quick that it’s not a game and there are severe consequences when pivoting in this direction. This article will talk about white, grey and black email marketing techniques that should give you a pretty good idea where you fall into.

Black Hat Email Marketing (label or listing)

I think it’s important to start off with the worst form of email marketing to discourage you from practicing it. We are an email list hygiene company who, according to several, claim we help spammers by cleaning up a dirty email list. This accusation is purely false and we want to address this right away. We help email marketers with old lists (their own optin lists) who are trying to get back into the email marketing scene. We discourage and frown upon anyone who abuses our system for spamming purposes.

That being said, the worst form of email marketing is black label. This is where advertisements are send unsolicited. There are dozens of ways this is being accomplished. Spammers will use bots, spiders or harvest programs to pull emails off websites and spam them. They trade, steal, buy, lease and sell lists back and forth for profit. Spammers will buy cheap servers, setup software quickly to send email in bulk and try to get as much messages out before the IP is blacklisted. Rinse, lather and repeat. The more the spammer does this, the more they build a list of people who do not mind their spam. This allows them to get away with making money.

Black label email marketing is responsible for 65% of all spam. That means that only 35% of all email traffic is legit! This hurts the email marketing world extremely because it discourages people from having an email address in the first place. Black label emailing is usually done in anonymity so finding the perpetrators can be difficult because they hide behind fake names and cards. If you have purchased, harvested or traded or sold email marketing lists, you could help enable the growing fight to remove email marketing altogether.

Consider your actions when you are sending email. If you are profitable but enabling spam, then you are ruining the future of this industry. 65% of all traffic is spam. Do you share in this percentage?

To be continued in Part 2.