Email Validation Services Can Help Improve List Hygiene

Email marketing has lots of benefits for almost all types of businesses. Having a huge number of mailing list can do an amazing work in terms of promoting your business through email messaging. Many marketers keep email addresses in their database for hot and cold leads, and existing customers, however not all of those addresses in the mailing list is 100% accurate and valid.

This means that you will have a hard time seeing progress in your campaign, plus, you are wasting your budget and efforts in messaging a a ton of invalid email addresses.

If you stay updated on the latest email trends and continue to be successful in your campaign, it is the right time that you use email list validation services.

Email validation is an approach of examining if the email address is valid and real. It is a fast and simple procedure to figure out if an email address can be use to successfully deliver your messages.  

To verify email address differ based upon which method you use of and also which technique you choose in validating if an email address is real and valid. Here are the steps:

  1. A person types their email address inside the form.
  2. The person is requested to verify their email address, in some cases by typing it twice to ensure there are no typos.
  3. Captchas and other on-page styles could be used to lessen spambots.
  4. The system will start to verify an email address right after the form has been completed. It will thoroughly examine if the address is real by using an innovative type of modern technology that checks if it is issued by DNS and SMTP.
  5. It will ask the people to opt-in twice by sending a verification link to verify if the address is actually available.
  6. Once the system is done validating the address and has been confirmed that it is not valid; thus it won’t be added to your mailing list.

Verify an email address services work to enhance the accuracy and reliability of new email addresses being added to your mailing list; thus helping resolve the issue of point-of-capture inaccuracies.

Once you’ve verified your existing list, you can execute a procedure to validate every single new email address just before you send a message to it. Using an email list validation service can check email address you have accumulated through this technique, avoiding you from including a void email address to your list, and securing your reputation and deliverability.

Point-of-capture verification not only can help prevent hard bounces and spam traps but accumulating the accurate address indicates you can set up an instant relationship with your customer, strengthening their preliminary communication with your brand and enhancing their whole experience.

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