Email list verification actually changes more frequently than you think. Since there are over 30,000 internet service providers worldwide, each has their own unique setup where they monitor and track incoming messages. Any email verification service must adapt to those changes in order to know how to remove bounces, traps and complainers. Monitoring traffic is difficult and takes skill to analyze and interpret the difference between spam and non. In many cases, then internet service provider or mail administrator makes mistakes which leads to false positives.

Understanding how administrators aggregate their data is the key to email verification service. Universities are now building the latest artificial intelligent antispam systems and Google claims to already have built one several years ago in Gmail. Their neural network system of supercomputers identifies text and imagery interpreting best guess analysis of spam and non. But this kind of machine learning has its own problems, “Neural networks apply limited layers of computation to draw conclusions and learn, which is different from the distributed, varied, and compounded approach that brains take, says Blumer, whose research is in machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and human-computer interaction.” According to an article mentioning Anselm Blumer, who is a computer scientist.

The latest trend now is using an infant form of artificial intelligence that cannot distinguish the difference between a dog and a bag of dogs. The computer doesn’t understand why there is a dog and a bag of them. Hence the interpretation of an email that comes in which appears to be legitimate but is spam. Email marketers adapt to the techniques by making the artificial intelligence confused by offering a bag of horses. The wording, subjects and randomizing of information still confuses the AI and allows information in. Hence, Google’s interpretation of overfitting which their AI decided horses are full of dogs.

This means that we are decades away from interpreting spam from legit email using AI. Even Google admits that it will take some time for their learning system to catch up. Humans can outsmart AI right now by randomization and adding obscure images inside images. Of course, email marketers will not share their secrets, but rest assured, you should always assume that email marketers are watching the latest trends of anti-spam and will always find a way around it. Otherwise, spam would be a problem of the past. Are you interested in Free email list validation? Contact us for more information.