Things You Can Get From Scrub Email List

Does your email list appear somewhat unclean? Scrub email list intimidates a lot of marketers as this could mean extracting email addresses from that list, but I’ll walk you through it. You’re going to be fine.


Cleaning or Scrubbing an Email List: What Does It Mean?

Cleaning your email list means removing old and wrong information from your email database. It’s a good idea to remove from your email list anyone who hasn’t interacted with one of your messages in the past three months, for example.

It is also the opportunity to remove anyone from your list who has deliberately unsubscribed from receiving further communications from you. If you have put this off for too long, it is time to clear out those old email messages. I highly recommend getting started on this right away.

Either manually or automatically, your email database can be cleared. My preferred method is the second one since it is speedy and neat; however, I will discuss that shortly.


Why Should You Clean Your Email List?

If you don’t clean your email list often, it gets full and maybe even dangerous.

Your main objective is to get your emails in the palms of your target audience. Several reasons can prohibit you from achieving this.

For example, email clients like Gmail will automatically send your emails to the spam folder if they think you are sending spam. People who don’t want to hear from you will often transfer your emails to their spam folders. “Hmm…this must be rubbish,” says Gmail.

You don’t want that to happen.

Furthermore, you risk upsetting the same customers you’re trying to reach. Why would you keep writing to someone who doesn’t want to hear from you?


What Are The Benefits Of List Cleaning?

Here are a few advantages of clearing up your email list. Let’s examine them.


Email Scrubbing Lowers Your Marketing Expenses and Increases Your Return On Investment (ROI)

Email service providers frequently charge by the size of your contact database. If you want to email 50,000 people, it will cost you more than you want to email 5,000 people.

As a result, cleaning your email list makes financial sense. There’s no point in paying to email people who aren’t interested in what you have to say.

As a result, your return on investment goes up. Since you’re simply emailing interested parties, you’ll get more opens and clicks. In the end, everyone benefits.


Your Spam Complaints Will Go Down.

You do not want your firm connected with the word “spam.” Please take my word for it.

When you file a spam complaint, your email address will be blocked. It’s hard to get over, so it’s much better to avoid it in the first place.

If you routinely scrub your email list, you may rest assured that spam complaints are quite unlikely to come your way. As a result, your emails will reach their intended destination: your prospects’ inboxes.


It Boosts Open And Click-Through Rates.

As I said above, your overall metrics will improve after you clean up your email list.

Let’s imagine that your existing database contains 5,000 email addresses and that the open rate for those emails is 20%. That’s not awful.

But then you cleanse your email list. Even if your database shrinks to just 4,200 email addresses, your open rate soars to a whopping 30%! That’s a huge improvement!


Cleaning Email Lists: How Often Do I Need to Do It?

There is no right or wrong answer here.

Now is the time to begin if you have a vast list and have never performed an email list scrubbing. Contact us to learn more and get FREE credits!

The faster your list expands, the more regularly you must clean it.


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