6 Advantage Of Using Email List Scrubber

Suppose your mailing list is full of expired addresses or subscribers who no longer want to hear from you or buy anything from you. In that case, your email deliverability is significantly affected, and it is time that you use an email list scrubber.


How does email scrubbing work?

The goal of scrubbing your email list is essential to remove inactive subscribers. The first sign that someone is passive is when they do not open your emails. One unopened message does not mean that a subscriber is inactive. Email frequency determines the amount of time between unopened messages.


These inactive subscribers make it hard to gauge how well your email marketing efforts are doing, which can mess up your reporting, so scrubbing them from your email list is beneficial for your business.


Let’s look at those benefits now.


There are six benefits to having a clean email list

You and your inactive subscribers both benefit from cleaning up your email list. It saves you time by not wasting it on inactive subscribers since they won’t have to delete or archive your emails. Listed below are six other advantages.


Higher open rates

Email marketing’s most important metric is the open rate. It’s best to have an open rate of 15% to 25%, so if it’s lower than that, it might be time to clean up your email list. Several factors could contribute to your low open rate. The reasons can be because subscribers receive too many emails and delete them or your subject lines fail to grab their attention.


Higher click-through rates

Tracking click-through rates is another important metric. Your click rate is calculated when someone clicks on a link or a button in your email and is taken to another page. Ideally, you should aim for about 2.5% of clicks.


Fewer spam reports

Some people think they’re getting junk emails if they didn’t sign up for them. In most cases, they won’t open them due to fear of viruses, and if they do, they won’t click any links. Once they flag it as spam, your subsequent emails will end up in their spam folder, which won’t be visible to them. This could lead to a more significant loss.


A smaller bounce percentage

When emails bounce back to you, it indicates that the address you sent them is no longer able to receive emails. Either the account has been closed, or it has not been delivered. A non-deliverable report will tell you the reason for non-delivery, and you can use that information to improve your active and inactive email lists.


Less expensive

Your email marketing software might charge you per email or range of emails sent if you use it to design, manage, and track your marketing emails. Spending money on subscribers who don’t open or click on your emails is a waste. The funds can be better spent on active subscribers if inactive subscribers are eliminated.


Provide accurate reporting

Inactive subscribers can cause reporting problems. Almost everything is calculated in percentages based on how many emails you send and how often you send them.  When you only send emails to subscribers who are 100% active, your email-open rates might be much better, and you will have a better idea of your actual progress.



Small businesses have a difficult time building their email lists. Keeping them up to date is even more challenging. It involves keeping up with subscribers, managing different lists and campaigns, and regularly email scrubbing. I hope the benefits above will give you an idea of why you must clean your email list.


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