What Is The Purpose Of Verify Email Lists And How It Works?

If you’re in sales or email marketing and using an extremely outdated database, you’re much more likely to be sending to inactive email addresses. Some people continue to think that having more email addresses available will help you market more effectively. Tragically, things have changed. Quality now takes precedence over quantity. You can no longer buy a big mailing list from untrusted sources or add email details of people who don’t want your marketing emails. Spam is prohibited by strict laws that safeguard email users. Commercial email is subject to regulation under the CAN-SPAM Act, the Anti-Spam Law of Canada, and is GDPR compliant in the European Union.

You need to verify email lists for free and get rid of bad email addresses if you have been buying lists and adding people to them without their authorization.

An email account may become inactive for a variety of reasons. You wouldn’t be able to offer or sell anything if you had an incorrect email address. The following are the most frequent causes of invalid email addresses, and email verification is required to find them.

  1. Domain is no longer active
    When a firm closes or changes its domain, the email addresses associated with it become inactive. Using an email verifier, you may rapidly ascertain whether the email address is legitimate or is associated with an invalid domain. By doing this, the bounce rate could be decreased.
  2. Job transition
    After a while, people who have changed jobs can no longer be reached at their old official email addresses, which have been forwarded to another address. You can get rid of email addresses that don’t work by figuring out which ones don’t work and removing them from the list.
  3. Position shift
    Individuals’ email addresses vary in larger organizations depending on their role within the company. The structure of an employee’s email address will vary depending on their rank in the company, from entry-level to middle management to upper management. As a result, if someone is promoted, their old email address is no longer usable. Consequently, it is crucial to confirm email addresses before sending messages. Your bounce rate will rise if you don’t do this.
  4. There are typos and syntax errors.
    The mail address may contain typos or extra spaces, among other issues. An email verifier will find such emails for you because they are invalid.
  5. The email service has expired.
    When the email service is down, your emails won’t get to their intended recipients. Businesses do shut down, and email service providers are no exception. Because of this, the email service provider’s email addresses are invalid. So, you must make sure that the email addresses on your email list are correct.

Email verification is necessary for all of the aforementioned reasons. If you want better results from your email marketing efforts, you need to get rid of all the dead email addresses on your list.

How Do Email Verifiers Operate?

Although not all email verifiers operate in the same manner, most do it in three steps.

  1. Syntax Check: This ensures that mistakes like spaces and incorrect characters don’t cause the email to be returned unopened.
  2. Domain check: A domain check determines whether or not the email address is valid and present at the domain.
  3. Email ping check: an email’s active state is determined by email verification utilizing ping checks.

Some people choose to only double-check the fresh email lists they obtain from unreliable sources. This practice won’t eliminate the risk, though. It is best to double-check mailing lists that you get from reputable places.

Additionally, you should routinely validate both new and current email lists. It is crucial to take this action as you never know when someone will quit their job, obtain a promotion, close their business, or lose their email provider. Because of this, it is preferable to come prepared.

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