Email verification services and email address validation are two completely different things. The way we like to explain it is validation is everything before the @ sign and verification is everything after the @ sign. Now, this may not be the most technical way to explain it, it works with beginners and helps to explain more quickly. But let’s dive into the real explanation so you understand the differences technically. An email verification service charges more than an email address validation service and here’s why.
Email verification costs more to produce results. Many companies either send an email message for a complete handshake or some track partner’s deliverability and report back results. If one has enough partners whom are sending billions monthly, they can easily report what is deliverable or not. We, however, triangulate by sending 3 SMTP handshakes to one email from 3 separate servers picking the best two out of three. This type of exchange costs a lot in resources so the cost is competitive to the best in the industry. Any other email verification service that charges less than us, usually are not getting their reports in real time. This could be fine for some cases but many of our clients prefer us to do it real time as it fairs more accurate reporting.

Some verification companies do a little validation like removing traps and complainers but are not as accurate as a full time validation company. Validation requires more steps in cleaning than verification does. Email address validation focuses on fixing emails and removing the threats. Verification is more of a bounce removal system while validation removes traps, complainers, seeds, bots, litigators, temporaries, roles and a handful of other steps. Validation requires processing power because it matches and removes against suppressions versus sending email. Verify550 does both verification and validation. Our validation process matches and removes against 11 million spamcop emails, 50,000 spam fighter IP’s (servers), 90 million complainers, 120,000 blacklisted domains, 900 million static hard bounces, legacy suppression lists (dating back to 1999) just to name a few.

Our validation process is the fastest in the industry by scrubbing against 9 gb of suppressions in milliseconds. Our 12 quad core servers with 128 GB of ram with C# SQL technology powers through vertical databases offering multicolumn support. eHygienics’ validation has 2 API’s, one in real time and the other FTP for batches. Verify550 kicks it up a notch by merging both technologies into our mailing server. Verify550 does all the validation first then starts the process of SMTP exchanges. We do not send an email message nor do we keep our clients’ data for record keeping purposes. The entire process from start to finish is real time and after which we delete the data off our servers.

In closing, validation removes people threats and verification removes technology threats. Every email marketer needs to do both technologies in order to be successful. Traps are located in validation and verification through bounces so picking the right hygiene is a must. Many email marketers use two hygiene companies because they cannot do both validation and verification. That is why we created Verify550. So all customers can use one company. This saves them from uploading and downloading time and also on monies.