3 Ways Email Verification Tool Helps Improve Sender Score

A mailing list is an essential asset in every email marketing campaign. To maintain its good health, you need to regularly check and clean it up with the use of an email verification tool.

Email verification is the procedure of verifying if an email address is working, valid, or fake. Verifying an email list lets you get the most out of your marketing campaigns.  

The question is how does it works? Let’s discuss it further.

Email verification works by conducting multiple examinations on every email address on your list. It maintains your mailing list free from syntax errors, fake and temporary email accounts– which might drastically impair your deliverability, or worse, your ROI.

Sender Score Reputation:

Your Sender Score score plays a crucial role in your email deliverability. It is where ISPs are basing if whether your email deserves the inbox or get filtered to the spam folder. If you have a higher sender score; thus, the better placement you get, while lower your score will lead you to the junk folder.

Here is how email verification improves your Sender Score.

Deletes Hard Bounces

A hard bounce is among the main factors your sender score plunges. Hard bounces usually take place because the address doesn’t exist anymore. Perhaps it hardly ever existed, and you obtained a fake email address, or maybe the address existed but later on shut down the owner.

It is the best approach to ‘clean up your email list’ every three months to detect outdated addresses and get rid of them before your next promotion. You should verify each freshly obtained email address to eliminate syntax errors and fake addresses from making more unwanted hard bounces.


If you end up as blacklisted, this is an additional reason as to why Sender Score will deteriorate. Getting marked as a blacklist hinders your message from getting recognized by the server. A few blacklists are powerful than others, while a few will immediately de-list you right after some time.

Exercising email hygiene and getting information out of reputable resources is crucial in lessening the threat of ending up being blacklisted. Always keep track of your emailing IPs daily to determine if you have ended up being blacklisted and try having it solved just before you begin your upcoming campaign.

Lowers Spam Complaints

Every email marketer must have a 0.1% spam complaint. It indicates that for each 5,000 email messages sent out, you should have lower than 5 spam complaints. For that reason, you should be sending out high-quality content material to engaged users, but all the same, we understand spam complaints can still occur.

In an initiative to reduce individuals from clicking spam on your message, the email verification services, Verify550 systematically flags user accounts who always mark email messages as spam.

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