5 Step-By-Step Guide On How Email List Scrubbing Works

Email list scrubbing is a way to keep your email database healthy by extracting inactive contacts. Getting rid of these dormant contacts increases the likelihood that you’ll receive the messages that matter to you.


What are the benefits of cleaning your email list?

HubSpot reports that 35% of all marketers send customers between three and five emails weekly. However, you can only know for sure if the individuals on your list choose to receive those 3-to-5 messages. Because of this, you probably already have some dormant email addresses on your list. You can use an email cleaning tool to ensure that only those interested in receiving your emails remain on your contact list.

Here are the most important reasons you should clean up your email list. Using this method, you can:

Every six months, you should remove people from your mailing list. This can help your emails get delivered and improve your reputation as a sender by lowering the number of spam complaints and unsubscribes and raising the number of opens and clicks.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning up your email list.

1. Identify unhappy subscribers

Identifying recipients who don’t respond to your emails is the fundamental and most crucial step. You can consider inactive subscribers who last opened an email in three to six months. This is especially useful if you send frequent emails to your audience.


2. Remove inactive contacts

Once you know who are the inactive users, you can take them off your list of active users or do a segmentation.


3. Verify your mailing lists

The email verifier offered by Verify550 is a tool that helps marketers confirm the accuracy of user email addresses. It aids in list hygiene, brand protection, and avoiding the spam box. An email verifier simplifies filtering out invalid or incorrect email addresses.

It’s possible that the user switched email providers, made a new account, or the domain is down for the time being. When a mailing list is sent to an email verifier, it checks for¬†duplicate addresses and removes them automatically. Then, it examines each email address on the list to ensure it follows the correct syntax. It also checks that the lessons are valid by providing that their domains and servers work.


4. Send an email to reconnect.

To re-engage subscribers who have not interacted with your business in some time, you can send them a personalized, targeted email. Some of your inactive contacts can be won back by simply reiterating the benefits of doing business with you. By sending a re-engagement email, you can provide your audience multiple options. For example, they can keep receiving campaigns from you or unsubscribe.

To give your subscribers some say over how often they receive emails from you, you can allow them to set preferences. Users who have signed up for your list will look forward to receiving your messages.

You can create a series of “re-engagement” emails to get back in touch with your readers. If you have been waiting to hear from your subscribers for a while, send them a friendly reminder to tell them how much you miss their open rates. Please provide the best article to encourage them to stick with the brand. Customers will see that your business values them if you do this.

In your second attempt to get their attention, send out a survey. You can use this information to learn more about your customers’ likes and dislikes. Your customers will receive more valuable communications from you as a result.

If your subscribers still need to find your first two email campaigns interesting, your third and final attempt to re-engage them is in the third email. Incentives such as free shipping or a gift will keep them returning for more.


5. Remove inactive subscribers

Inactive contacts are no longer required for any campaign, but keeping their information on hand is still a good idea. A platform, a database, or even a simple spreadsheet could be used to store this information.

Even if you run a fantastic email campaign with amazing deals, some of your subscribers will eventually stop reading them. Some unsubscribe because they no longer find your products helpful or sign up solely to take advantage of a promotional offer. So, the best way to keep emails from being labelled as spam is to follow best practices.

Verify550 is one of the most reliable and affordable email validation service. We Verify your database, ensuring that all of your list members are real people, not bots. This makes it easier for you to manage your list, and keeps your email lists free of spam. Verify550 is the best way to go if you want to have a clean, verified email list.

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