6 Ways To Increase Sender Score Using Free Email Verification Service

Accumulating email addresses is a regular part of the task of every digital marketer, but precisely how do you know if what you are getting is high quality? Even if you gained a new subscriber doesn’t signify that the account is authentic, or that an error didn’t occur. That’s where the significance of a free email verification service comes into play.

If you are not yet familiar with email verification, consider it as a layer of safety and/or security for your email marketing purposes. It helps maintain your email list not to have any inaccuracies, phony and/or short-term email accounts that could affect your deliverability. The last thing you want is to jeopardize your sender score by sending spam or denied by the ESP because of poor quality data.

Sender Score Factors

Your Sender Score is a huge component of your email deliverability. It allows the ISPs to decide if your email messages deserve to land on every lead’s inbox or if you get redirected to the spam folder. The greater your score, the much better placement you secure and the lower your score, the most likely you will get caught in the spam folder.

Here is how verify email tool can help boosts your Sender Score.

1. Eliminates Hard Bounces

A hard bounce is among the main factors your sender score decreases. Hard bounces mainly take place due to the fact that the email address doesn’t exist. Maybe it never existed whatsoever, and you obtained a fraudulent email address, or possibly the account once existed and was eventually deleted by the owner.

It is an excellent habit to clean your email list scrubbed every month to detect old email addresses and eliminate them just before starting your future campaign. It is likewise suggested that you verify each newly obtained email address to avoid inaccuracies and fake accounts from generating additional undesirable hard bounces.

2. Minimizes Spam Complaints

Make sure to have your spam complaint rate to no more than 0.1%, thus this indicates that for every 5,000 email messages delivered you must have lower than 5 spam complaints. Ensure you should be sending out quality material to interested and engaging individuals.

In an attempt to reduce individuals from flagging spam on most of your messages, an email verifying tool such as Verify550 instantly stops email accounts of individuals who have a high rate of marking email messages as spam.

3. Blacklisted

If you end up being blacklisted, this is yet another factor exactly why your Sender Score will deteriorate. Getting pegged on a blacklist will hinder your message from getting acknowledged by the server. Some blacklists are more powerful than others and a few blacklists will instantly de-list you right after a pre-determined period of time.

Exercising good list hygiene and obtaining data from the appropriate resources is essential in reducing the danger of being suspended. Bear in mind that it is also suggested to keep track of your mailing IPs every day to determine if you are blacklisted, this way you can address the problem right before you send your upcoming campaign.

4. Know your data sources:

Not all data sources are likely to be excellent sources. Thus, when you choose partners to collaborate with, you need to watch the quality of data they are providing you. Furthermore, don’t deal with data brokers, typically the data they are marketing has been sold over repeatedly. This indicates you won’t obtain outcomes with the subscribers, and you will also discover stagnant data which results in more threats.

5. Eliminate unengaged users:

Regularly check your list and get rid of unengaged subscribers. It may not be easy to release a data you strive hard to obtain, but unenthusiastic individuals can produce complications. If a user has not opened most of your emails over the last 3 months, then eliminate them from your list. By doing this you are lowering threats of spam complaints and hard bounces.

6. Regular email hygiene with free email verification service:

Real-time email verification is the most effective way to remove negative quality leads at the point of collection. Don’t let flaws and fake contact data slip into your mailing list and create harm. Evaluate your leads at the very start to avoid spam-bots and scammers from penetrating your email list. Also, cleanse your overall list on an every quarter basis to avoid emails that were once good from aging and carrying out damages.

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