6 Great Ways On How To Do Email Scrubbing

Email scrubbing is the process of cleaning your email list. It’s important to scrub your lists because they can contain invalid or outdated email addresses, which could result in spam complaints, bounces, and low open rates.

This article will help you understand the steps on how to proper clean your mailing list.


Methods for Keeping Your Emailing List Clean

If you want more precise marketing results from your email campaign, follow these steps to begin correctly email cleaning your mailing list:

1: Distinguish between active and inactive subscribers.

To begin, you’ll need to establish a hierarchy. If your company maintains subscriber information on multiple mailing lists, pick just one to send your initial message to. Choose the one that either most interests you or has the most room for improvement. Organizing your subscriber list into two categories—active and inactive—can help you save time and focus on the accounts that need attention.

It is up to you to decide what constitutes an active subscriber, but a starting point is to divide your list into groups based on when they last opened one of your emails (within the last ninety days being a good cutoff). This will give you plenty of time to make sure that the inactive subscribers you’ve been worried about aren’t actually reading your emails.

2: Use software or services to clear your inactive list.

Gathering the “problem children” of your email list is the first step in using scrubbing software to weed out the inactive and keep only the active subscribers.

Inactive email addresses can be automatically removed from your mailing list by using scrubbing software. It also helps you identify which contacts are the most valuable and which ones you can safely ignore. Costs for scrubber programs can vary, with some trial versions available at no cost.

3. Send an email re-engagement campaign to dormant subscribers.

Remove inactive subscribers from your clean mailing list by exporting and analyzing the data. You should try to get them involved in your marketing again now.

You can organize your campaign to re-engage dormant email subscribers in a few different ways. The first is a “we miss you” campaign, which typically includes some sort of discount or deal to entice them back. E-commerce stores that sell products rather than services or quotes on services, like home renovation, can benefit greatly from this type of campaign.

If you don’t want to limit your re-engagement campaign to discount codes, you can also use it to inform inactive subscribers or provide them with something of value. Businesses that provide more than just an online storefront or even just a service that isn’t directly related to selling physical goods can benefit greatly from sending out this type of email. An example of an informative email campaign is provided below:

Some of the people on your list of subscribers will leave at some point, but you can try to get them back with a re-engagement campaign.

4. Remove non-engagers from your list.

After an appropriate amount of time has passed (this will vary from company to company and industry to industry) for your re-engagement campaign to have an effect on inactive subscribers, it is finally time to prune the list.

To improve the click-through rate of your re-engagement campaign, you should review the list of subscribers and identify those who have not interacted with the emails. The subscribers can be compiled in a spreadsheet and then divided into subgroups for more efficient filing. Before you begin to divide your list, think about the following: Did they talk to each other? Has the email just been opened? Have they started fighting? You can either get rid of your “Cold Subscribers” for good or put them on a separate email list designed to get these leads interested again.

5. Take pride in your achievements.

Are we really going to explain this procedure? You’ve put in a lot of effort to improve your email marketing strategy, and it shows. Congratulations!

Maintaining a clean and functional mailing list is essential for reaching your target demographic with your email marketing efforts. You can get better email statistics by checking back with this blog every six to twelve months to see if your scrubbing needs updating.

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