Announcement – eHygienics & Verify550 Moving Locally

Dear Clientele and Prospects,

We successfully secured our data center and servers in Central Oregon. Our new online hosting company will host all of our servers locally, so we will have more security and control. We’ve thought a lot about our client security and have always made sure to delete their data within 30 days after they scrub, but with all of the data breaches like Facebook, Dun & Bradstreet and the latest with MyFitnessPal, we feel that the cheap cost of the cloud has it’s disadvantages.

eHygienics started as its own data center back in 2007 with a handful of servers which eventually moved to lower cost alternatives via the cloud to offset costs, so we could put more into programming and advertising. Now that we know for sure that large businesses lose their credibility because of disgruntled employees, hackers and the actual selling of their own customer data to China and others, local hosting, where one company has full control over their servers and traffic, is the future.

We pride ourselves in customer service and love our clients whom have served us well since we started cleaning email marketing lists over 10 years ago. This move to store and secure our client’s information under our own firewall is where we will be considered a trusted source for cleaning emails, hosting websites, backups, FTP’s and much more locally and worldwide. Our data center is our office so we will be daily monitoring and servicing our servers so you can have the peace of mind knowing that we honor your privacy and protection and up-time.

Our servers have 2 fiber lines, wireless and cable internet (4 sources) for redundancy along with huge batteries and 2 generators making downtime a word never used. Our hardware is brand new and our staff has over 30 years experience working in data centers giving you peace of mind knowing that we can solve any issue with speed and accuracy. Thank you for being a loyal customer and interested patron for email hygiene. We value you and hope to meet your hygiene needs for 2019!

James Carner
CEO | Quickie Marketing, Inc.