Can ESP and Email List Verification Software Clean Our List For Us…?

Will my email service provider (ESP) or marketing automation program automatically get rid of duplicate email addresses?

Most email marketing and automation platforms do not scrub email lists before using them. Most ESPs, in fact, forbid you from using a purchased list since they cannot cleanse the information. If you use these services to send unsolicited mass emails, also called “cold email campaigns,” your account could be closed.

Whether you are using a purchased list or building your own, you will require email list cleaning software to verify that your list is clean, deliverable, and CAN-SPAM/CASL/GDPR compliant.

Having faith in your email sending software’s capability to reach the inbox can make all the difference in the world when trying to generate B2B leads via email. Cold email campaigns already provide a number of obstacles without having to deal with inactive accounts and harsh bounces.

If your marketing team is freed from the burden of explaining why an email was never received, they can devote their efforts where they are most needed: developing persuasive messaging that compels the audience to take action. When you upload a list you bought to Verify550, we check it to make sure that none of the addresses are wrong or out of date and that you’re only selling to active business contacts.

What should I check for in email list cleansing software?
You need software that fixes your data as soon as it is imported by completing a number of different health and anti-spam risk assessments. This gets rid of any fake or dead email addresses, leaving just the ones that are truly associated with a living, breathing human being.

Deliverability (and ROI) can be boosted for your outbound effort by using an email list cleansing service. Email list verification and validity checks that a program like Verify550 should include the items listed below.

  • Find and Delete Duplicate Emails
  • Authentication of DNS Records (Invalid Domains)
  • Email Address Formatting (Improper Format)
  • Check for role-based email addresses (like
  • Spam or “Junk” emails can be identified (disposable addresses).
  • Honeypot and Spam Detection (bots, bad emails, spam seeds)
  • The SMTP Verification Process (Ping Mailboxes)

If you already have a list of cold contacts, you can upload it to Verify550 and it will perform a number of sophisticated list hygiene checks to eliminate any inaccurate information that could harm your campaign. By using our platform, you can track metrics like deliverability, bounce rates, and unsubscribes to make sure that your data is always in perfect shape.

Clean up your list to generate warm B2B leads.

With Verify550’s comprehensive cleanliness tool, you may increase the deliverability rate of your newly purchased list of contacts. With a clean email list, your team can focus on making warm B2B leads with interesting content without having to worry about being blacklisted or blocked by your ISP.

Customers that are prepared to buy can be sent to the sales department, while leads that still require some work can be passed on to the marketing department. Sending out effective marketing campaigns to focused, industry-related contacts is a great way to generate high-quality B2B leads for your company, so get your cold email list to work for you.

You’ve got to make sure that your emails get delivered.

If you don’t, you could lose customers, miss out on important messages from your team, and even miss opportunities for new business.

So how do you ensure that your emails are delivered?

The answer is simple: use an email verification software. With’s email hygiene services, your emails will be delivered to the inboxes of recipients instead of being filtered out by spam filters.

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