There are many mistakes emailers do before they upload a file into email verification software. This article will explain a few common mistakes that can save you time and money. Email marketing gets more and more expensive and these days, mailers need to conserve wherever they can. If you are determining your cost per IP in your operational costs, then you really should consider getting your files ready before you spend the credits.


Some email verification software services do not remove the duplicates. The reason can be two fold. Either they did not incorporate such a template or they keep domains in to charge you for them (CPM). Smart email marketers remove all duplicates before they upload their lists.


The majority of email list hygiene companies steal/mail your data. Any email verification tool offered for free or is less expensive than the norm means they either mail an advertisement while verifying your data or append the information for resell. Genius emailers always seed their lists with uncirculated emails to track/monitor their lists for fraud.

Multiple Columns

If you’ve ever searched the phrase “scrub email list free” and found hygiene companies that will do it for nothing, always remember free is never free. They are reselling, appending and emailing your data. Never give any email verification software company any extra columns that they could use for their own benefit. Always remove sensitive data and only scrub what you need scrubbed.

Using One Hygiene Company

Since email list verification companies cannot get all of the threats by themselves, many email marketers are using several hygiene companies to scrub their lists. This doesn’t bother us because we actually partner with several email scrubbing companies. By referring business back and forth, we are able to cover more ground using our differences to find the right fit for prospects.

One email hygiene company does not remove all of the threats. It’s very common for companies to use more than one. That’s why it’s important to test every email verification tool before you scrub email list free from threats.