Email Hygiene: How Email Hygiene and Verification Works

Email Validation and consistent email hygiene is an essential aspect of an ideal email marketing approach. 

This will help you to avoid falling into spam traps that might stain your reputation as an email marketer.

If you are an email marketer, having a poor sender reputation indicates that your messages will never be able to reach the inbox. Hence, resulting in loss of money, time, and effort.

Every email marketer must:
  • Built a great relationship with the Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Email Service Providers (ESP), furthermore
  • To have your email messages get through the recipient’s inbox.
  • Obtain a strong deliverability rate.
Here’s how email verification and data hygiene really works.
Spam Trap

A spam trap is an email address used to reveal wrongful senders who include email addresses in their lists without the owner’s consent.

Harmlessly as it may seem, these kinds of traps do not simply recognize harmful email senders; they even reveal marketers who aren’t practicing adequate management over email authorization and list management strategies.

Spam trap emails could be acquired on public directories, which may wind up to your CRM and induce 2 harmful effects:

  • Your ISP sets out a hard bounce and you are given the chance to eliminate the e-mail address out of your list long before it gets announced as spam.
  • Your “sending domain” is banned by email providers.

None of these two scenarios benefits your online reputation, open rate, deliverability, click rate or conversion rate. And even a slightly poor email sender reputation may still result in some messages to get instantly delivered to spam.

This causes a bad effect and eventually, you’ll be banned. Having merely 1 percent of “harmful” emails on your list can lessen your deliverability by more than 10 percent.

Email Hygiene and Verification

Email verification is a service that detects potential spam traps and various other email address inconsistencies right before they are warned by both Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or Email Service Providers (ESPs) and cause permanent harm to your reputation.

An Email Validation service provider uses an advanced email verifying tool to search for syntax consistency. Compared to common free email list validation, their method goes through Javascript and carries out advanced, multi-layer examination and elaborate algorithms to find problematic email addresses.

Email list verification providers make use of this data to foresee the possibility that an email might return as a hard bounce. Each email that has gone through this system is analyzed using a scoring method and other 30 different diagnostic systems. If an email is questionable, it is immediately removed from the list for assessment and the system either automatically changes the syntax errors, or the marketers will remove the suspicious email out of their list.

The scoring procedure also acts as a warning if an email is active but has not been interacting with your messages for a very long time. This also helps the marketers to maintain list hygiene.

Email Verification Service Free Includes:
  • Determining void email formats
  • Capturing and fixing misspelled emails
  • Making sure the best precise condition of each email domain
  • Figuring out if each email will deliver, hard bounce or soft bounce
  • Revealing if an email address is still active

In short, Email Validation assists marketers to clean their email lists to enhance deliverability, assisting them to interact effectively with the customers.

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