Email validation services, unlike email verification, focuses on the threats outside of the email itself. Email validation removes spamtraps, complainers, litigators, botclickers, roles/departmental and seeds while fixing the email removing syntax errors, unicode/latin characters and lastly checks the mx and domain for setup issues. Email validation is the first step in max scrubbing before you use an email verification software to remove bounces. Here are a list of all the modules inside our validation process:

Spamtraps are email addresses that are purposely and strategically placed inside email marketing lists. They are can be caught by harvesting websites, expired domains and in some cases used to fill out forms. Traps can harm email deliverability by being triggered.

There are several lawyers nationwide and worldwide that sue email marketers.

Sleeper cells
Many spam fighters are hosting providers. A sleeper cell email is one that is on a shared server a spam fighter owns.

Disposables are 5 minute emails (temporary) or emails that are forwarded to a real email inbox or several inboxes.

Consumers can report spam by allowing their emails to become traps. “SpamCop is an email spam reporting service, allowing recipients of unsolicited bulk or commercial email to report IP addresses found by SpamCop’s analysis to be senders of the spam to the abuse reporting addresses of those IP addresses.”

Traps set my Lashback which uses a “real-time blacklist of IP addresses which have sent email to addresses harvested from suppression files”

Seeds are emails planted by bots or a person who is tracking a campaign.

Bots are emails that are planted for false clicks.

Roles are emails that are either for a department or group of people or for a specific role like webmaster@ or secretary@.

Syntax errors are issues with the email itself like leading or trailing spaces, latin or unicode characters added when a list is transferred from one operating system to another or an email with 2 @ signs.
Strings are keywords like “spam” or “curse words”.

Bad MX
When the mail exchange server isn’t setup properly.

Email validation services are important for an email marketing team to scrub their lists before they send. Whether your list of optin or not, any list can have one or more of the above problems that can hurt your deliverability or sending score. Look for email verification software or email validation software online to see if you can do it yourself, or hire a company like us whom have been doing it for over 10 years.