Email verification services are not crucial if your list is familiar with you. In order for you to email market without any incident, everyone in your list must know the domain name they signed up with. Email marketers must never let their lists sit more than 30 days without sending to them. According to an article in Time magazine, “people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds”. If you disconnect yourself from your audience for more than a few weeks, odds are they may not remember signing up to your service.

Many things happen during a company’s lifespan. Ups and downs, neglect and slothfulness. We may sometimes ignore our email list for up to 4 weeks. This is a no no. Why, you ask? Well, there are several things. Your list is like a living entity. You know the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind?” This is means you soon forget things or people that are no longer present or visible. An email list needs weekly visitations if not bi-weekly. Neglect can cause complaints which lead to traps.

We have witnessed hundreds of email marketers with double optin lists that were neglected for a month or so and immediately they were kicked off their ESP. What’s worse is their domains were listed on blacklists. Temporary, yes, but the damage has been done. Not all blacklists do the same thing. Some act as if you committed a crime and will keep your domain on their block list forever sending back false positives.

This is why email verification services are a must for neglected optin lists. Complainers can lead to traps. Bounces can lead to traps. And expired domains can lead to traps. That is why every email marketer must have an email list cleaner free from the traps, complainers and bounces. Email address verification cleans your list back up to where it was before you abandoned your list for whatever period of time or for whatever reason.