Are you always looking for email verification software and unaware that it is hiding in plain sight – right under your nose? We have researched our competitors and have found that there are around 40 email list hygiene companies and half of them white label others. What this means is there are only 20 companies in the world who have an Email verification tool. was released in November of 2017 but this doesn’t mean we are new. Our main company Quickie Marketing, Inc owns which was the second company in the world to offer email list hygiene, providing a competition for Data Genie back in 2007. If you’ve been in this industry long enough, you may know Roger.


There are several kinds of email verify tools. Validation, which matches against static suppressions, strings, mx, domains, IP’s, endings and other forms of aggregation and Verification which literally does the SMTP handshakes. Both are different yet the industry seems to be confused as to which term is used for which. Basically, validation focuses on everything to the right of the at sign and verification on the left. This is why the tools are hiding in plain sight. Most email verification companies are confused.


Email verification software can either reside on a server or on your desktop. 90% of all validation software is server based where you upload a file online while the other 10% is for your desktop where you have full control over the software application. Verification is different because if you are doing SMTP handshakes, a desktop program most likely will use the IP’s and domains you enter or worse, rely on the IP of your computer which will not work. Most large ISP’s have a threshold of how many emails per IP they will accept every 24 hours. If you try to verify any more than 10,000 from one IP, they get really suspicious if they do not recognize (whit list) you.


An email verify tool, if found correctly, must do both validation and verification, however finding something like this is tough. In example, some verification companies overlook the actual fixing part of the email addresses. Emails sometimes are entered incorrectly or have spaces in them and/or have too many periods. Emails also can two at signs which has to be fixed before the emailer marketer can hit the send button. Validation before verification is a must to fix the emails, match against traps, litigators & complainers, remove strings of swear words and more. Verification is the last step verifying if the user is real or not.