Guide On How Email Validation Tool Works

If you are in the world of digital marketing, then you are likely aware of the challenge of bad, disposable, unused email addresses. Making use of email validation tool and carrying out data hygiene is an important key to the success of marketing campaigns.

How does the email verification tool work?

Email verification is the procedure of examining if an email address is working 100% and improving the probabilities that it is owned by a real person. The entire objective of email verification is to guarantee that a person with an authentic email address will obtain and engage with the delivered email.

Examining Email Syntax and Fixing It

A perfect email verification tool, such as Verify550, promptly examine your mailing list with the use of email formatting rules. These rules are extremely intricate and it might be logistically difficult to inspect a huge mailing list manually. However, with the verification tool, it can recognize problems within a few seconds, like, invalid characters, missing @ symbols, and a boundless of other reasons.

Checks Spam Traps

Spam traps are email addresses created with the intention of capturing senders who aren’t following proper practices.

You are susceptible to this if you’ve been purchasing subscriber list, illegally. Yet, even though you’ve rightfully obtained email addresses, there might be a couple of spam traps included.

Email verification ensures that these addresses are deleted your mailing lists. If you continue sending email to these spam trap, you’ll either be urged to eliminate that address out of your list, or worse you’ll be banned by ISPs and ESPs.

DNS Record

The tool also inspects the DNS records to ensure that the domain is 100% functioning and that the domain mail exchange server is able of obtaining emails.

For instance, when an individual typed this email address:, and there’s no such domain registered under, an email verification will denote it as not valid automatically.

Last Step: Mailbox Validation

The last and essential step of the procedure is to validate if that mailbox really occurs.

The service tool makes use of the SMTP protocol to get in touch with the mail server and validate that the mailbox has the ability to receive messages.

A reliable email validation service does each of these without needing to send a single email.

For the most part, the whole verification procedure takes a few seconds. In some cases, the email list cleaning tool can take quite more time, depending mainly on the mail server’s response time. Old mail servers, busy servers, and advanced anti-spam systems can all have an effect on the result time.

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