How Companies Benefit from Bulk Email Confirmation?

Both consumers and marketers depend on emails to serve as a primary way of communication to supply them with relevant information needed. This is why email marketing is very essential for businesses, either big or small.

Email marketing is the main way to encourage traffic, boost engagement and generate business. However, there are instances wherein this strategy is not working and gives you unfavorable results. There could be numerous reason, but the main transgressor might be the quality of your email lead contacts or subscribers.

If your mailing list is full of spam traps, incorrect or role-based ones, thus your email deliverability will suffer as well your email marketing ROI. This, therefore, demands the use of email address confirmation.

Email Confirmation or verification begins by examining if the syntax of the email address is genuine.

Here are samples of invalid syntax are:
  • Name [at] domain [dot] [dot] com: Incorrect syntax because of the 2 dots.
  • Name [at] domain [dot]: TLD is missing, e.g. -com or -org.
  • Name [at] domain [dot] com: There is an extra space between someone and [dot \.
  • Namedomain [dot] com: “@” sign is missing out.
  • Name [at] domaincom: The “Dot” missing between domain and extension -com.

Afterward, the email verifying tool checks if the domain is accurate. As soon as that is identified as a working email, high-level technical procedures commence. They determine the credibility of the email addresses.

After the verification process finishes, the tool will display the final results. Each email address verified is grouped under categories like Accept-All, Safe to Send, Free Service, Role-based, Disposable,  Invalid and so forth.

Based upon the results, you can choose how you wish to deal with the email addresses like quarantine them, delete them or proceed to send out emails to these addresses.

Bulk Email List

Clean email lists, is the procedure of sending a mailing list or contents of a database to be verified simultaneously, allowing you to purge undesirable, non-active or phony email addresses from your lists. Lists can be loaded manually for clean-up or transmitted through API integration, both as needed or at routinely scheduled intervals. When the validation process is complete, it is normally possible to download all final results in usual file formats (.csv, .xls or .xslx).

Validate email list free services, deals with a huge number of email lists effortlessly, that is why its scalable assistance is suitable for large companies as same as for smaller ones or upstart blog.

If you clean up email list and validates them in realtime as they loaded up by means of API, that’s fantastic. However, we still highly advise cleaning your entire list approximately twice per year to keep your delivery status from going down to unacceptable levels due to list worsening outcomes. Numerous companies choose to perform this procedure more often, especially before sending out any significant email message interactions.

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