How Email Scrubbing Can Help You Save Time And Money

To avoid sending emails to people who haven’t shown any interest, you can use a process called “email scrubbing” to prune your subscriber list.

Your email list size may decrease, but you can rest assured that the people who do receive your emails are interested in doing so.

If done correctly, this should increase your email’s open and click-through rates while simultaneously decreasing the number of people who flag your messages as spam.

Eventually, this will improve the quality of your leads and the percentage of them that convert.

By doing this, you can make your email marketing campaign work as well as possible and reach as many people as possible.

“Email hygiene” means regularly removing people from your contact list who aren’t interested in what you have to say.

When should you do Email Scrubbing?

However, before you begin eliminating members left and right, you should first make certain that your email list is eligible for the scrub process.

And keep an eye out for these three traditional warning signs:

  • Observable drops in either your open or click-through rates
  • There have been a lot of spam complaints recently, and a lot of individuals have unsubscribed.
  • When any of these things are occurring, it’s time for email scrubbing.

How Often Should This Be Performed?

Because each email campaign is different, the best number of emails to send may change from brand to brand.

According to industry experts, the average brand should schedule an email cleanse once every six months. On the other hand, some people choose a more frequent schedule of once every 3 to 4 months.

When it comes to email lists, a good rule of thumb is that the more quickly they grow, the more frequently they need to be cleaned out. It’s entirely up to you and the current status of your campaign.

However, at the basic minimum, it ought to be done once per year.

The Advantages of Email Scrubbing

As I’ve already shown, deleting inactive subscribers from a mailing list can improve engagement.

However, what are some additional concrete advantages? The first noticeable change will be a rise in the percentage of people who read your emails and who click over to your site.

When you send emails to people who have said they want to get them, you might expect a higher rate of click-throughs and sales.

After that, email cleansing results in fewer spam reports and a more trustworthy sender reputation. People who no longer wish to receive your emails will often simply designate them as spam rather than unsubscribe.

Spam complaints are tracked by several email services, including the most popular ones like Gmail and Yahoo. If this happens frequently, your subscribers’ inboxes can be flooded with spam.

However, if you purge your email list on a regular basis, you should be able to significantly cut down on the number of spam complaints you receive. This boosts your sender reputation and results in a decreased number of emails being sent to the spam folder.

Therefore, your email deliverability rate will improve, which is defined as “the success rate at which an email marketer is able to have an email sent to a person’s email address.”

There will be more of an effect from your campaign if more of your emails are received by their intended recipients and you have fewer spam complaints and have a higher sender reputation.

Finally, email cleansing can reduce costs and boost ROI. For the most part, email providers will charge you based on how many messages you send or how many people sign up for your service.

The more interested your subscribers are, the less money you will waste sending emails to those who aren’t on your list. In other words, you only market to the most engaged, most likely to buy, subscribers, maximizing your return on investment.

In the same way, your online store’s name brand might adopt this strategy as standard operating procedure.

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