How Free Email List Validation Works as a Protection

If you are in the world of email marketing, you know how valuable email list is for your company. You depend on it to reach out to your customer, possible clients and make a successful transaction. However, problems such as false email addresses, bots, and spam traps can harm your sender reputation compared to sending to an incorrect or misspelled email address.

So, what is the best way to avoid this?

Perform a free email list validation into your email system. It instantly minimizes your bounce rates and secures your sender reputation.

What is Email Validation?

You might already know that email addresses have a short life span. They’re extremely quick and easy to create, and lots of people do not like a jam-packed inbox. Thay is why they are enticed of using a disposable or a fake email address. And due to the demand for disposable email addresses that is why there are tools created to purposely create a dummy email. Then there are the bots, misspelled email addresses, and spam trams. This is why it is important to make use of a process or technique that will oversee these issues.

Email validation is an automatic procedure that instantly verifies newly obtained email addresses. Once an email address is verified, you will have the idea that it is not a spam trap, bot, or anything else that might reduce email deliverability and ruin your credibility as a sender.

How Does Email Validation Work?

There are 3 easy and dependable procedures that most email validation providers use in validating addresses.

First Step: Syntax and Formatting

The very first thing your email validation service does is the inspection of the email address format. This will help confirm if the email address comes with accurate details. It scans for factors such as missing invalid characters, @ symbols, and misplaced domain names.

This examination process will get rid of accounts that use fake email addresses as a result of intentional misspelling or deception.

Second Step: Domain Verification

Next off, the email validator will examine the domain to make sure that it is working and 100% valid. This works by checking out the MX records and DNS to guarantee that the domain is correctly configured and activated and that the mailbox can receive messages. Additionally, this is the step wherein the email addresses that have accurate format yet invalid, are eliminated out of your list.

Third Step: Mailbox Check

This last stage is where the rest of the bad emails get caught and eliminated from your mailing lists.

Your email validator will connect with the mail server by means of SMTP and determine if the mailbox actually exists. This removes the majority of disposable email addresses.

None of these three examinations demand your email validator to send out an email message. It won’t usually take a minute to fully assess an email address.

What is email verification?

Email verification services assure that purely usable emails are included in your mailing list. By doing this you know that every single email you possess belongs to a real user.

This decreases your bounce rate, and at the same time lets you preserve a healthy sender reputation. A high-quality email validation tool establishes a filtration system for nearly every single kind of poor email address.

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