Importance Of Using an Email Verifying Tool For Your Marketing Campaigns

It’s 2020, you must already have a full email database and perhaps it’s time for you to find out how an email verifying tool helps in maintaining that email list clean.

Email verification is among the most useful procedures in email marketing, next to creating a comprehensive list of email addresses. This article will teach you the importance of using our best email validation service and why you shouldn’t neglect it.

What is email verification and its predecessor email validation?

Email verification is the method of analyzing an email address if they still exist and is active, or also known as verified. A verified email is one that can obtain email messages from the senders. Every email verifier, both single or bulk, performs several procedures of the verification process. One of the most popular are the email address ping, SMTP handshake, MX record checks, syntax, domain and catchall checking.

Email verification is the outcome of the email validation procedure, which is presented to the user. Basing on that final result, the email could be marked with statuses such as: “valid”, “invalid”, and/or “unverifiable”. 

In some cases, verification also suggests examining further details that comes with the user’s email, or checking the origin of that email lead with date/time stamps and other activity guidelines.

Why you shouldn’t Ignore email verification

Allow me to explain to you why an email address verification service matters most and why disregarding it when performing email marketing can result in a disastrous campaign that might take months to get back:

1. Helps maintain your email lists are clean

According to HubSpot, 22.5% of all email addresses end up being invalid after a year. This is usually because people switch companies and/or eventually deactivates their accounts. If you fail to verify email lists consistently, in a year, 22.5% bounce percentage will certainly transcend the reasonable bounce rate of your provider, and your sender reputation will be significantly affected.

Verify550 tip: Do email verification once every month.

2. Lessens hard bounces

A hard bounce is an email that goes back to the sender because the recipient doesn’t exist. High bounce rates are typically a sign of spammers and this is the reason as to why ESPs do not treat marketers with high bounce rates fairly. When your bounce rate increases, your sender’s reputation drops. Once it reaches a critical limit, your account becomes blacklisted.

3. Enhances email deliverability

When you make use of an email verification service free to remove invalid emails, you can be rest assured that those valid emails left can be able to receive your messages and reach their inboxes. Thus, your email deliverability continues to be strong. 

4. Preserves high sender reputation.

Your sender reputation relies on a variety of factors. We’ve currently discussed bounce rates and deliverability, but there are spam report rates and best sender practices as well. Regular use of an email verification service in your marketing will help you maintain a high sender reputation and avoid blacklists.

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