Keep a Clean List With The Use Of Email Verification Tool

Once you think you have a large number of mailing lists, then it is time for you to do some cleanup by eliminating bad addresses. This can be possible by using a paid or email verification tool. It is among the most essential action in email marketing, straight after growing your list of leads. That is why we have dedicated this entire article to email verification, why you should not overlook it, what kinds of email testers exist, and how to pick the most effective one.

Importance of Email Verification Practices

If you’re still not encouraged on the reason why you must examine email accounts, allow me to present you why email verification is important and why overlooking it when carrying out email marketing can cause disastrous campaign problems that may require weeks to deal with:

Maintain a Fresh Email Lists

22.5% of email addresses turn invalid every year, according to HubSpot. This normally happens because of different factors. Usually, it’s due to the fact that people switch companies, and their email address on your mailing list gets deactivated. If you do not practice verifying the mailing lists frequently, let’s say in a year, the 22.5% bounce rate will significantly surpass the appropriate bounce rate and your sender reputation will get a major blow.

Decreases Hard Bounces

A hard bounce is an email message that goes back to the sender simply because the recipient does not exist and is invalid. High bounce rates are commonly a sign of spammers, this is the reason why ESPs don’t address users with high bounce rates in a kind way. If you have a high bounce rate therefore it corresponds to a lower sender’s reputation. Your account will soon get blacklisted as soon as it reaches a crucial limit.

Enhances Email Deliverability

With the help of an email verification software, you can rest assured that the remaining email addresses on your list will be able to receive your messages, meaning your messages reach the inbox. Consequently, your email deliverability remains strong and so as your email sender reputation

Keeps a High Sender Reputation.

Your sender reputation relies on many things. We’ve previously talked about deliverability and bounce rates, as well as the spam report rate and your sender practices. Continuously using email verification services in your promotion will allow you to sustain a high sender reputation and prevent blacklists.

Why You Must Use a Trusted Email Verification Services

With an email verifier, rest assured that the email addresses in your list are 100% authentic, valid, and capable to receive any email you send out to them. This will keep your bounce rate lowered, your email sender reputation strong, and your deliverability greater.

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