Learn How Email Address Verification Services Works

If you are an email marketer and is eager to make their campaigns run successfully and smoothly, thus they must make use of email address verification service.

Email address verification is essential since email marketing proves to be one of the techniques of marketing.

Furthermore, if the amount of subscribers in your email list increases, you’ll want to make sure that you got only verified email list; an email list which consists of solely accurate and verified email addresses.

How Email Address Verification Works

Email verification is not as same as sending out emails to check if the address is real or if it bounces. The main purpose is to verify the email validity. The whole procedure consists of several steps.

1. A specific tool is used to check the syntax of the email address. If the address has spaces, undesirable characters, or if the “@” is absent, the tool used to verify will instantly reject the email address and considers it as invalid.

2. In cases where the syntax is correct, the procedure goes in more depth to examine if email is valid. There are several email verification services may use to see the validity, either a free email verifier or a paid email verification tool.

3. If email address is pinged without sending any actual email. This is carried out to examine if email address is working. If the email address is valid, it is then added to the lists of verified email addresses.

What to look for Email Address Verification Service Provider

When choosing for email verification service provider, you ought to be smart to avoid lost opportunities, loss of money, time and lessen your reputation as an email marketer. Here are some tips that you may want to focus on when selecting email verification service provider:

Consistency: See how precise the verification process is. Check if the verified email list is nearly as bad as a list that is not validated.

Fast: Check on how quick the verification process is. This turns into extremely significant if you’re working with API for real-time email verification.

Free of charge Credits: Is the email verification provider willing to give free credits? It will enable you check out a little parts of your database and see the verification service results.

Pricing: See if the pricing is too costly or just good enough for the services they offer.

Help and support: How fast is the provider can offer you a support? Of course, you wouldn’t want to wait days or week for their response upon your small request. So it is important that they are ready to give you answers.

Data security: Email verification provider must keep you data safe and protected, away from being compromised.

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