Smart Marketer: Mistakes To Avoid Before Uploading A File Into Email Verification Software

A smart email marketer always knows what to do before uploading their email list file into email verification software. To spare you from getting yourself into a trap in using email verification software, I’ll share with you a couple of mistakes to avoid that will give you efficiency, quality and value for your money.


Spare yourself with anything free. If you’ve tried searching for phrases such as “scrub email list free,” “free email verifier” or “email list scrubber free,” (Google has a very funny way to get us into the bait) and found hygiene companies that will do it for free, always remember free is never free.

Free means they keep your data

Have you ever thought of giving your services for free without anything in return? Of course not. Even free shipping these days are all incorporated into what you pay for with your item. These hygiene companies might use your list for reselling, appending and emailing your data. A wise emailer always seeds their lists with uncirculated emails to track fraud on their lists.


Always check for duplicates. Don’t let yourself get caught of paying more for email verification software with duplicate emails. Some email verification software services either don’t incorporate such a template or they keep domains in to charge you for them (CPM). Remove it before uploading your lists.


Try being selective when scrubbing. Always be cautious in giving any email verification software company extra columns that they could use for their own benefit. Always remove sensitive data and only scrub what you need scrubbed – they emails themselves.

Using one hygiene company. Some email hygiene companies do not remove all of the threats. it’s very common for companies to use more than one. But this doesn’t bother us because we partner with several email marketing and scrubbing companies. And by referring businesses back and forth, we are able to cover more ground using our differences to find the right fit for prospects. Contact us.

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