Step-by-Step Procedure of Verifying Email Address

Working in email marketing may give you headache and stress because of the lack of email verification. In this article, we will explain as to why verify mailing address free is important and how it works.

Email marketing may start off easily. First, you try your best to draw in a huge number of people on your mailing list by using lead magnets, blog content, and other freebies.

After that, you are going to start sending out a newsletter using any Email Service Provider (ESP). Now, here comes the problem; you realized why your email messages are not getting through your leads’ inbox and instead they keep on bouncing and few of them receive the email.

This is because there is a huge decrease in your email deliverability and the only way to avoid this is through verify mailing address. We will explain in this article how you can implement it have a successful email marketing strategy.

First, what is verify mailing address? It is a procedure of verifying if an email address is valid, working, and belongs to a real person. This procedure will help guarantee that a real person owns that email and is willing to receive and cooperate in the messages you sent out.

How Verify Mailing Address Works:

First, it identifies any issues and possible problems before they’re caught by ISPs or ESPs.

1. Identifying issues and problems before ESP’s and ISP’s finds it out first.

This is a simple step wherein it checks the spelling of the email addresses – making sure that nothing is misspelled before using them.

2. Verifying email includes checking the mailing lists for any spam traps.

Spam traps are a type of email addresses created with the purpose of catching senders who don’t abide by correct practices.

Marketers who usually buys mailing lists are susceptible in having few of these spam traps.

Although chances, that you may still have one or two even if you acquired the email addresses in a correct and in a proper way.

Verifying email address ensures that certain addresses are eliminated from your mailing lists. If you happen to send an email to a spam trap; chances are that you might be blacklisted by ESPs and ISPs or be asked to exclude that address from your mailing list.  

3. Checking the correct email format

The next step that follows with verify mailing address free is that the service provider examines the correct format of the email addresses on your mailing list. This incorporates examining your mailing list if it contains a missing @ symbols, not working email addresses and other stuff that may lead to a hard bounce.

4. Domain Verification

The fourth step of the procedure is domain verification. The email verifying service examines the DNS records to ensure that its domain name is correct and working and that the domain mail exchange server can able to receive emails.

5. Existing mailbox validation

This is the final step of verify mailing address free procedure. With this, the email verification services make use of SMTP protocol to ensure the mailbox exists and can able to receive messages.