What is Email List Scrubbing and Why Is It Important?

Email list scrubbing is the process of removing inactive or irrelevant email addresses from an email list. Inactive email addresses are those that have not been opened for a given period of time.

Inactive email addresses might be removed from the database when they are no longer needed for the purpose of sending out promotional emails, but they could also be removed if their owner has opted out of receiving these types of emails.

This is important because it helps to reduce the amount of spam and clutter in an email database and helps with content marketing and segmentation.

The best way to do this is to make sure that you have an automated system set up to monitor both open rates and click rates on your emails. If these rates start dropping off, then it’s time to take a look at your list and see what needs to be done in order to keep it relevant and up-to-date.


Aspects of Email Cleaning That Are Beneficial

Your sender’s reputation suffers from spam complaints.

Spam complaints are tracked by email providers like Gmail and Outlook. If your subscribers report your emails as spam, your email delivery service will quickly move all of your messages to the spam folder.

By eliminating duplicates from your list, you’ll lessen the chances that your contacts may mark you as SPAM. Increased sender reputation follows a decrease in spam reports. Thus, the vast majority of your messages will reach your readers’ inboxes.

Reduce the cost of email marketing.

Email marketing providers usually charge you based on how many people are on your mailing list or how many emails you send per month. Spending less on email marketing can be accomplished by eliminating inactive subscribers.

Increased Customer Engagement

The return on investment of your campaign can be increased by using an email scrubber. Maintaining an up-to-date mailing list allows you to send relevant messages to the people most likely to be interested in them. Maintaining high standards of email cleanliness has been shown to increase subscriber engagement and, ultimately, the success of a marketing campaign.

Fewer bounces improve the sender’s reputation.

It’s bad for your sender reputation if you repeatedly send emails to dead email addresses. However, your sender’s reputation will improve if fewer emails are returned as undeliverable.

Aids in accurate and dependable campaign reporting

If your email list is comprised of inactive, nonexistent, irrelevant, and unengaged subscribers, it may be hard to gauge the success of your campaign. Inaccurate data collection will result from low deliverability and poor inbox placement. For your email marketing efforts, you can get more reliable data from a small, well-managed list with a high deliverability and open rate.


How to keep an email list organized and clean

Double opt-in must be used for subscriptions:

Confirm the recipient’s email address by including a link in the confirmation email you give them when they sign up for your email list. Double opt-in is a method that helps make sure that your mailing list doesn’t have any old email addresses.

Include an unsubscribe link in all emails: As stipulated by the CAN-SPAM Act, you must make it easy for recipients to remove themselves from your mailing list. It should be simple for someone to find your email list’s unsubscribe link and follow it.


Remove inactive users from your contact list:

An inactive user is someone who has opened one of your email messages in the past six months or more. Get rid of them so you don’t get spam complaints and can improve your sender reputation.

You can send more relevant and personalized emails to your subscribers if you divide your email lists up into subsets based on their interests and preferences. Open rates, interaction, and sales will all improve thanks to this customization.


Consistently update your mailing list:

Scrub your mailing lists on a regular basis, attempting to remove users who are no longer useful or relevant to your company. If your email list is clean, you can increase the likelihood that your subscribers will open and act on your emails.


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