What Is The Use Of Email Validation Tool?

An email validation tool is an integral part of every marketing campaign tool kit. The secret to effective email marketing is preserving a substantial level of email deliverability.

And the quickest way to mess up your deliverability is to send out messages to invalid email addresses continuously.

Although you start with a clean and high-quality mailing list, we strongly recommended always to validate email addresses now and then, as there is a chance that some of your emails will become obsolete after every 3-6 months.

Who should use an email verification tool?

Invalid emails increases bounce rates, complaints rates and eventually put your reputation in bad grace. Your list can be of bad quality beforehand if bought from the black market or turns outdated after months of not being used. Thus, all email lists require consistent cleaning.  

Types of Email Verification Tools

Each email verification tool performs the same function: to remove suspicious or non-working emails that might harm your deliverability. The distinctions among tools boil down to the form of integration, easy to use features, validation performed, accuracy and reliability, assistance, and lastly, the price. Let’s check out the three primary forms of email verification tools:

Real-time Verification

Real-time email verification tools enable you to examine and delete emails right after they’re collected. Using a CAPTCHA succeeded by double opt-in will achieve the same outcome – you continue sending messages at least to one invalid email address. Additionally, if someone inputs a wrong email by mistake, a real-time tool will automatically identify the error.

Automated Verification Tools

B2B mailing lists typically deteriorate very badly gradually. Automated email verification tools work by regularly checking your database and alert you if your lists require some cleaning, or sometimes, automate the cleaning and removal procedure based on your configurations.

Bulk Verification Tools

This email list cleaning service is done by uploading an email list to find which emails are working, invalid, and are dangerous.  Several tools require uploading a .csv file but, if you’re using any other reliable marketing automation systems, the procedure will normally be relatively automated. Bulk email verification tools are effective if you have an outdated list or bought it from the black market. However, you will continue to put your deliverability in severe harm if you continue blasting a huge amount of emails at the same time. Thus, consider slowing down mass sending if you think that the quality of your list is questionable.

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