Email list cleaning sounds spammy and the term really needs to be changed in this industry. Since most email marketers are using large scale ESP’s now to mail to their opens and clicks, every email marketer needs an email list cleaner free from the slander. I propose we change the phrases “Email List Cleaning” or “Email Hygiene” to “Email Aggregation”.


Why not? I have coined many phrases in this industry. In example, what people used to call screamers and complainers, now they are called “Protestors”. And what was called “Traps” have now been changed to “Advisories” and “Sleeper Cells”. Why not remove the cleaning element out all together and just call it email aggregation?


Email marketing is getting more expensive and the spam fighters will not let go of the bone. The best email list cleaner free from slander will be the one who changes the way we do business. By changing industry terms to more friendly and non-aggressiveways, the better we stay in this industry. There is no need for ego, greed and lack of empathy here, If email marketing is still a low cost way to spread the word, then we as the advertisers need to be better as people.


Email aggregation sounds better. It says we are taking large files and manipulating it. That is exactly what we do. We take large databases and match/remove bad information. We also clean up and remove syntax errors and characters that do not belong in email. eHygienics, our flagship product can aggregate 10 million emails an hour. Now THAT is impressive. 9 GB of data being queried within milliseconds. Why on Earth would we use terms that sounds demeaning when we can do such amazing technological feats?