Why is Email Scrubbing is a Must?

Email scrubbing allows you to maintain an efficient and working mailing list. Let’s say that your list contains plenty of non-working addresses or unengaged subscribers that are no longer curious about what your company has to provide. In that case, they pertain to a more substantial issue– your email deliverability.


What is the meaning of Email List Scrubbing?

Scrubbing means cleaning out addresses that are useless for your campaign. Scrubbing allows you to achieve the ideal sender score and strengthen your deliverability. Isn’t that great?


Why do you need to scrub your mailing list?

It’s everything about metrics and how they influence your outcomes.

The ISPs concentrate on how your marketing campaigns are acquired. They make use of that data to figure out if you’re a good provider of information for their customers or not.


If you dispatch an email and it gets removed without having read or sent directly into the spam folder, your ISP finds out. If any of your receivers do the same, then the ISP determines you’re not a worthwhile sender and directs you to the spam folder in itself– or worse yet, blocks your website.


Email List Scrubbing will lead to:

  • More effective open and click rates
  • Fewer spam complaints
  • Strengthened efficiency, statistics, and ROI
  • More proficient allotment of funds


Things to consider before a conducting scrubbing

There are several things most marketer has to know just before making rash conclusions. Precise data is essential. It eliminates the uncertainty from our judgments.


Examining a few primary fields could support the solution as to why your emails usually not getting opened. This saves you from removing what might be an engaged and worthwhile subscriber.


  • Can you figure out why there are email bounces?
  • Are you accumulating addresses with n opt-in techniques or an alternate two-factor verification?
  • Do you interact with your subscribers to learn why they might have wearied?


How to conduct email scrubbing?
  • Have a segmented mailing list
  • Make the segment clean
  • Try to rebuild engagement to your newly cleaned segment
  • Remove the bad addresses out of your list
  • Examine the automated feedback to your marketing campaign


Signs of an Effective Email Scrub

If you effectively email scrub your list, you must see a remarkable improvement in open rates considering that you’re no longer sending messages to non-active or fake email addresses.


Yet cleaning up your list and maintaining it clean are both different!


To guarantee a long-lasting clean list, you ought to comply with a few essential opt-in techniques, like:

  • Making use of double opt-in email messages to stay away from phony subscribers.
  • Ensure your promotion is associated with the web content you supply.
  • Prevent typical email opt-in errors such as creating your headline overly artistic.


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