Why You Need To Do Email Validation And Verification API?

A regular data hygiene and email validation api is a vital part of email marketing strategies. That is because preserving a strong relationship with Email Service Providers and Internet Service Providers is quite challenging.

Moreover, it is not easy to be able to make it to the receiver’s inbox and obtain a high deliverability¬†rate. Regardless of how organic you have acquired your email addresses and abide by the rules of email marketing, there is still a chance that you might be a victim of spam traps. With this spam traps, the complaint rates, and bounce rates

Having a poor sender status indicates that your messages might not reach your recipient’s inbox, therefore there is a big chance of losing money, time and customers.

How email verification API and data hygiene works:

Email Verification API

Verify550’s email validation service recognizes different kinds of email addresses issues and flags them before it harms your reputation as a sender. We verify email address api using an in-depth layer of test algorithm, running various examinations to see if an email address is valid, owns by a real person, and accepts mail.

Here are the procedures in checking the validity of an email address:
  • DNS validation, including MX record lookup
  • Syntax verification 
  • Detecting Disposable email address
  • Misspelled domain detection
  • Availability and SMTP connection checking
  • Temporary unavailability detection
  • Catch-All testing
  • Checking Mailbox existence
  • Detecting Greylisting 

There are 2 ways to verify an email address. Either which type of approach you prefer will rely on how fast you need the results and the level of verification you want to receive.

  • Using verify email address api to validate emails in real-time as you catch them on your site.
  • Present a complete list for group processing, download the results and add the non-working emails to an elimination list.
The outcomes of not managing email database properly includes:
  • Increased marketing expenses
  • Revenue Loss
  • Sales incompetence
  • Poor customer background
  • Harmed sender reputation

It is essential to remember that email list validation is not a one time fix even if it can help avoid any negative results. Having regular list hygiene is important to shun any damages to your reputation as a sender.

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