3 Email List Verification Procedures You Need To Know.

Are you a digital marketer? Are you sure that the email addresses you are receiving is quality? Let me tell you, not because you get a new subscriber does not imply the account is real or healthy. That’s why email list verification free or paid is very important to determine the health status of every email address on your database.

Consider email verification as additional security for your email marketing endeavors. It helps in cleaning your email database from any spam, typos, disposable, and inactive addresses, which can all cause a burden to your deliverability and sender reputation.

How Email Verification Works

Although most people have already learned about email verifiers, or perhaps used a few of them, not all properly understand the complex components of the service. In this article, we will explain how it performs by summarizing the primary features and procedures– this will let you quickly discern how email verification works.

The primary email verifier functions and validation procedures:

First Step: Syntax Check

This is every email verifier’s initial step. Syntax check works by evaluating if an email address is correctly spelled– meaning, it has no excess spaces or commas, plus all the dots, @’s, and domain extensions are in its proper places.

Second Step: Domain Check

The 2nd procedure of the email verification method. Domain check enables you to ensure if the email address is hosted and registered in an actual domain and functioning effectively on the hosting domain.

Third Step: Email Ping

Considered as the most high-level procedure of email verification. Email ping is the specialized procedure of an email verifier service. This works by pinging the particular email address using an EHLO message, then waits for the response coming from the email server. The obtained server-response will validate if the email address exists on the server and is working 100%.

All the functions mentioned above are essential for any current verification service, plus all of them matter especially for every digital marketer and their businesses.

How To Maintain a Clean Data

Determine Your Data Providers:

Not all of the data sources are good to use. Consequently, when you choose associates to collaborate with, you want to watch on the data quality they are providing you. Furthermore, don’t coordinate with data brokers, typically the data they are offering has been marketed over a lot of times. This indicates you won’t get good results with the customers, and you will also find stagnant data causing further threats.

Eliminate Unengaged Subscribers:

Evaluate your list on a regular basis, and get rid of unengaged users. I understand it is difficult relinquishing data you strove to obtain, however uninterested subscribers can produce complications. If a subscriber has not opened one of your emails over the last 3 months eliminate them out of your mailing list. By doing this you are lowering threats of spam complaints and hard bounces.

Regular List Hygiene Using Email Verification:

Real-time email address verification is the most effective way to strain poor quality leads. Don’t let typos and fake email addresses slip into your online form and trigger harm. Inspect your leads at the very start to avoid spambots and scammers from penetrating your mailing list. Also, clean your mailing list on a regular basis to avoid emails that were once good from aging and creating damages.

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