5 Great Benefits of Email Validation Services You must Know

It’s likely you’ve heard of email validation services, regardless of whether you’ve worked with email marketing for many years or you’re new to the game.

Email validation is one of the most powerful ways to improve email deliverability, so it might be worth trying.

Before you invest in an email validation service, there are a few things you should know about the process. Specifically, what is email validation? Why is it important? What are its benefits?


Here are the top five benefits you need to know about validation.

1. Helps you eliminate inactive addresses.

Email validator scans your contacts and flags email addresses that are probably outdated. In addition, advanced email validation services determine whether a given email address is REALLY inactive or just not responding to your newsletters. By doing so, you can safely delete those addresses that are no longer valid and keep the ones that are still useful (followed by an effective re-engagement campaign).


2. Resolve data entry errors.

Humans are prone to error – but, some of us will err more frequently than others. For example, a customer may accidentally misspell their email address when filling out a form.

These mistakes can prevent you from reaching that potential client, thereby limiting your earning potential. Email validation ensures that human errors, such as typos and misspellings, are corrected.


3. Improves the effectiveness of campaigns.

It’s frustrating as an email marketer to invest time and energy into a campaign, only to see disappointing results.

I got a good news for you: it isn’t all bad as you think. If you have inactive email addresses information on your list, this may be hindering your performance. This will allow you to get a more realistic picture of how many emails are opened, clicked and converted.


4. Helps you in getting rid of spam traps.

Inactive or old emails, which are still monitored even though they are no longer active, are prime targets for spammers. Messages delivered to one of these traps may be marked as spam, which can harm your reputation as a sender and negatively affect your email delivery .


5. Prevent hard bounces.

A hard bounce is when an email message is returned because the recipient address is invalid or does not exist. Most people do not want to receive spam, so they use a fake address.

Hard bounces are to be expected every now and then, but sending to known bad addresses regularly can harm your sender reputation. This issue can be eliminated by email validation, which helps you identify email addresses that are likely to bounce.

Digital marketers can benefit enormously from email validation service. Essentially, it’s a very effective method for cleaning your list and, as a result, boosting the success of your campaigns. Maintain your sender reputation by getting your list validated (and doing so regularly) if you haven’t already.


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