An Overview Of Email Validation Tools

Email validation tools are an essential part of every email marketer’s resources. It is crucial to maintain a high level of email deliverability when you send emails to inbound leads or cold prospects, regardless of the form of marketing you are using.

Sending emails to bad addresses is the fastest way to ruin your deliverability.


Regardless of whether you have an immaculate and high-quality email list, to begin with, it’s critical to keep verifying those addresses periodically. This is because a majority of your email addresses may become invalid after a while.


What Are The Benefits Of Using An Email Validation Tool?

  1. A validation tool thoroughly examines an email address and returns whether it can receive an email.
  2. Additionally, it provides contextual information, such as whether an email address is disposable or not.
  3. The system will also alert you if the recipient uses a “catch-all” email.

Using this information, you can filter out unreliable emails from your list – ensuring that only valid email addresses receive your emails.


A Guide On Email Verification Tools

All email verification tools have the same purpose: removing suspicious or undeliverable emails. Tools differ according to their integration capabilities, ease of use, features, checks performed, accuracy, support, and pricing.


Below are three categories of email verification software:


Bulk Verification Tools

Upload a list and determine which emails are valid, invalid, and at risk. That is the method for verifying bulk emails. You need to upload a .CSV to automate the process for those using larger marketing automation platforms.


Limit the number of emails you send if you have concerns about the quality of your list. If you are verifying an old or purchased list, bulk email verification tools are useful. However, you still run the risk of seriously damaging your deliverability by blasting a large number of emails simultaneously. Therefore, if your bounce rate continues to be unacceptable, you can pause the mailing.


Real-Time Verification Tools

A real-time email verification tool lets you validate emails as they come in. With a CAPTCHA and double opt-in, you’ll get similar results, but you’ll still send at least one email to an invalid address. In addition, a real-time tool will catch any errors made by users when entering an invalid email address, so you won’t miss out on conversions simply because of typos.


Ongoing/Automated Verification Tools

B2B email lists, in particular, deteriorate rapidly. Regularly scanning your email database with automated email hygiene services  will either alert you when lists need cleaning or automate that process depending on your settings.


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