Best Practices To Sustain Email List Cleaning

An effective email campaign and a good return on investment require an up-to-date email list. This article examines the best email list cleaning practices to ensure your subscriber lists are clean and aid in your campaign’s success.


Each year, email lists lose an average of 22.5% of their subscribers due to natural attrition, which occurs when people leave firms or change their email addresses. Email specialists say that your lists ought to be maintained periodically. Despite regular email list verifications, invalid and inactive accounts will continue to amass in your databases, leading to bouncebacks and your material not being read.


To fight this problem, use the following email validation guidelines:


1. Verify customer emails to ensure delivery to the inbox

We have made an email validation service available to assist businesses in verifying their subscriber lists. Using it is extremely simple: you only need to add email API to any forms where you gather customer data, from online forms to landing and contact pages, to validate emails in real-time without sending a message. This method ensures new and existing email list accuracy.

When you send an email campaign to multitudes of an email list, envision how much a more reliable list will help your marketing program. Not to mention there are several other benefits to the email validation service:


Keep your IP/reputation domain.

Sender score reveals to email providers the dependability of your outgoing emails. If you send your messages to an invalid email list, they will either be returned to you as undeliverable or in the spam bin. Most people who know about marketing agree that the bounce rate shouldn’t be higher than 3–5%. High bounce rates negatively impact your sender score and alert Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to your mailing practices.


Protect against blacklisting.

Spam and ISP block difficulties are caused by email addresses that are invalid, broken, and misspelled. By using our email validation service, you may keep your emails from being marked as spam by receivers, preventing them from being blocked in the future.


Boost your income potential.

A more detailed and authenticated list increases the likelihood of converting visitors into paying customers by ensuring that your emails are sent to the correct audience. In any email marketing, segmenting and providing your content to the proper target increases your ROI.


Reduce the price of email emails.

Sending messages to incorrect or non-existent emails is money wasted. When you use email list verifications to ensure that your lists are accurate, you’ll see better results from your email campaigns.


Take advantage of insightful data.

Utilizing accurate data is the first step in maximizing the effectiveness of campaign insights. Not only does it enable you to correctly profile your audience so that your message is on point, but it also provides a clearer overview of how your campaign performs over time, allowing you to assess the direct impact on ROI.


2. Convert email addresses into qualified leads

People often make mistakes when typing in their email addresses. For instance, can easily become, which is usually found when the email isn’t sent. With our integrated suggestion service, we’ll send back the email address with a message saying it’s invalid and instead suggest a possible valid value.


3. Be on the lookout for and eliminate any questionable e-emails.

Your goal is to have emails delivered to real individuals to establish stronger engagement with your consumers. Emails, such as help@, associate with a corporation, division, or a group of recipients, not an individual. And throwaway emails are transitory addresses reported to be utilized by spammers. Valid emails will be identified and removed from your list by our email verification API. As a result, high bounce rates and SPAM complaints will be less common.


How to start verifying emails

Please message us to start validating your big email list. We are also offering free FREE credits if you decide to start email scrubbing today!


For additional information, please feel free to get in touch with us.