An email verification tool is an application hosted on your desktop whether mac, windows, free bsd or linux (operating system). Basically an application or software executable that you have full control over with features, bells and whistles. Some are plain and some are not. Most will purchase a desktop application so they can have full control over cleaning their own lists. This is fine and works well, however, you are only cleaning against your own suppressions. There are some desktop cleaning applications that offer suppressions and update them on a daily basis. The advantages of a desktop email list hygiene tool is that you are not sharing your data with anyone. Or are you?

A desktop email list cleaning application can be misleading. The program itself can easily upload your data to their servers without you even knowing it. Most executables are not easily openable. You have to be a programmer to take it apart to see if they do not touch your data. If the email cleaning desktop application does not have an agreement with you, they can do anything they wish. Just because they package the deal as safe, does not mean it is. Speed on a desktop application is a factor. Verify550 uses 12 quad core servers with 128 gb of ram. A desktop application is at the mercy of your tower. Use wisdom and discernment when choosing a desktop email cleaning system.

Online email validation services or verification (or both) has advantages over desktop apps. Speed, accuracy and proper agreements in place can make a world of difference. Also, desktop features cannot do API’s and most of our clients use API’s for online forms, ESP’s and for batched data. A typical user of a desktop application would be a small company with small lists. Anyone with large lists, managing several databases, may not think the desktop application for scrubbing emails is efficient. The cost may be cheaper, but the benefits are not there for professional mailers. Again, email list validation services works well with small lists on desktops and better for large lists online.

So in conclusion, small lists are perfect for a desktop email cleaning service. If you have large lists, care about your security, want speed and no risks, then an online service is the better way to go. Everyone wants to perfect email verification tool but they are not going to get it without doing their homework. We have witnessed so many horror stories of companies that steal data and we do everything we can to do things in real time thus deleting the data when complete to keep our clients’ data safe. Verify550 is an online email verification tool that does validation as well which is fast, secure, safe and well worth the investment.