Email List Validation Service: Why Your Business Needs This Service

Email Data Quality: Why is it Important?

Promoting one’s business via email may do wonders for a company’s growth and revenue. Efficient email marketing efforts depend on accurate email lists. But if you get off to a bad start, you won’t get far.

Surprisingly, just 10% of the email data obtained is accurate. There are problems when you try to email your main targets but their contact information is wrong and they don’t get the message.

Without reliable leads and paying clients, a firm can’t survive.

For this reason, ensuring the quality of your data should be a top priority. And using an ‘Email List Validation Service’ is the best way to ensure that a new subscriber on your site has provided a valid email address.

How Does Email Validation Work?

When dealing with invalid or inaccurate email addresses, email validation (also known as email verification) can be used as a possible solution. When you validate emails, you can make sure you’re only talking to active accounts. This can make your email marketing campaigns more effective with your current subscribers or help you get new customers.

Validating an email address is a way to check if an address is active in real time and only accept the ones you deem suitable. It checks every email address in your database to make sure that only the best prospects have active accounts.


How Does Email Validation Improve Email Marketing ROI?

By validating and verifying email addresses before sending, you can make sure your messages will reach their intended inboxes. The following is a list of the three primary advantages of sending out an email campaign to a list of authenticated email addresses:

1. Cost reduction and increased ROI

The greatest benefit is the reduction in marketing costs that can be achieved. In marketing, every email sent to an incorrect address or one that does not exist is a wasted opportunity and a dollar.

A better ROI may be expected to be reported now that you have a list that is more complete and up-to-date; in the end, your campaign results will never again fall short of your expectations. When administrators begin to see amazing results from your efforts in email marketing, those results can imply more money put aside for future email marketing initiatives. Those results can also mean that your efforts have been successful.


2. Data segmentation and actionable insights

Without the right email list, you won’t be able to gain valuable insights on your campaign, which will limit the strategies and topics you may develop for future involvement. Bounced emails are the only noise, yet that data is crucial to your ROI.

If you have a validated email list, you may learn a lot about your audience and who they are. This allows you to segment your email marketing strategy even further. The message you send can be tailored to the specific receiver. You’ll get a better reaction and maybe even a sale if you send people tailored emails with incentives like discounts on products they’ve been admiring for a while. Your email campaign’s return on investment will rise again as a result of this.


3. Improvement in Reputation

Bounce rates increase dramatically when emails are frequently sent to incorrect addresses. In order to protect their reputation, email service providers will start to limit your access to their network if you repeatedly send spam. Nobody will take seriously an email from someone they know to be a spammer.

Email validation is a great way to ensure that your ESP, ISP, and intended recipients continue to have a positive impression of your business. The delivery and success of your emails will be greatly enhanced if you only send them to verified contacts. Plus, inbox open rates, clickthrough rates, and return on investment are all improved by a greater volume of emails.

Your email marketing efforts will yield far better results if you use an email validation service such Verify550 to weed out any inaccurate, phony, or disposable accounts.

You want to make sure that your emails get delivered, and you’re looking for a way to prevent spam filters from blocking your messages. Here’s the good news: provides email validation services that will help make sure your emails are delivered and not blocked by spam filters.

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