Beware of phony email hygiene companies and their email list verification broken promises. There are a number of things to look out for before spending money on email list hygiene. Some don’t bat an eye if it’s expensive but many whom are watching their budgets have to make decisions on email list verification companies that sounds good, cost is cheap but could have some serious problems.




Purchasing hygiene without a salesman is great if your list is smaller than 100,000. But if you are a volume based aggregator, you will need to negotiate a price on major data volumes. A salesman can cost you everything if you are not looking for the signs. In example, a salesman that is impatient tells you they are quota driven. A salesman that is talkative (talks over you and doesn’t listen) is hiding something. And a salesman that everyone knows (famous name) didn’t get their by their products, rather, they sell themselves and you potentially are buying them and not a good product. Beware!




Email list verification free doesn’t mean it’s free nor is it a good sign. If the hygiene company has to do smtp checks then offering to scrub a sample for free really costs them money. Two things could be happening if they are offering a free scrub. 1.) They are desperate or 2.) They really believe in their product. You will need to discern between the two in order to save yourself from a major broken promise from Email verification services.


Smooth versus clunky interface


If the hygiene company you are researching spends more time on their front end than their backend, then you will face some real issues. Many hygiene companies have cool looking features and interfaces but really lack on their backend. Short, simple and sweet tends to be the best package versus a company that has so many bells and whistles. If you have to make dozens of decisions before you scrub, you’re mostly facing a good front end but bad back end.


Be careful when you are looking at email list hygiene companies. As I write this, there are more than 50 email list hygiene companies worldwide and most of them are white labeled (using someone else’s system). Check and check again the resources and background of the company. Make sure you have a sales guy who understands the hygiene world and your needs. More than anything else, ask about how long they have been doing this. Only 5 existed back in 2007 and now there are over 50.