Email Validation Tool: How Does It Improve Email Deliverability?

Those interested in learning more about email validation tool have found the perfect site. In order to understand how it functions and why it is crucial, please continue reading.

How does email validation work?

Email validation is the process of checking a list of addresses to delete any that are known to be fake, incorrect, or undeliverable.

For the most part, yes. More specifically, the steps taken to validate an email address are as follows:

  • Verification of proper email address format, such as looking for missing or incorrect @ symbols
  • Checking the domain’s DNS records to see if the server can accept emails from the sender
  • Checking if the recipient’s inbox exists and is reachable via the SMTP protocol

In short, that’s how you validate an email address. You can improve the quality of your database by adding more checks, like a look for “disposable” email addresses.

Why should you validate your email list?

In the introduction, I mentioned that increasing email deliverability is as simple as removing dead email addresses from your list. Your website and domain are protected.

When you try to send an email to a nonexistent recipient’s address, the message will be returned to your inbox. You risk having your domain blacklisted if your bounce rate (the number of undeliverable emails as a percentage of total campaign emails) is high.

Why is that? The email provider will alert you as a possible spammer if you have a high rate of bounces, because spammers typically don’t care about the quality of their email list. Emails from a sender with a bad reputation are either marked as SPAM or never received.

If your domain has a bounce rate of over 2% and you do nothing to reduce it immediately, you risk having your site removed from search engine results entirely. Many times, removing your name from a blacklist is as tough as breaking out of Alcatraz. In many cases, registering a new domain is less of a hassle than getting an existing one removed from a ban list.

So, to avoid this nightmarish scenario, it is imperative that you maintain a high standard for your email list. Never use pre-made email lists and always double-check all addresses before sending out a blast.

What’s in it for you?

Email validation service serves as a precaution against potential threats. It’s crucial if you want to keep your inbox placement score high and your sender reputation spotless.

However, there are additional measures you may take to guarantee the smooth delivery of your email campaign. These measures involve both technical settings and content recommendations.

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