How Email Address Confirmation Can Increase your ROI

You may be wondering why is your email marketing not generating good results? There could be multiple factors behind that, but one major cause might be the quality of your email leads and/or data.

If your email list has addresses that are role-based or merely incorrect, or spam traps, chances your email deliverability will deteriorate. Thus, pull down your email marketing ROI as well.

So how can you improve your email list hygiene? By using email address confirmation – the right answer.

What is email verification (confirmation)

Email verification (smtp), also known as email validation (mx), is the procedure of verifying the quality and exactness of an email address. Email verification will filter addresses that are too risky to deliver.

The procedure of email verification starts by examining if the email address’ syntax is correct.

Next off, the verify email tool checks if the domain name is set up right. The moment that it is found ok, an advanced electronic procedure starts. This determines the credibility of the email addresses.

Right after the verification process ends, the tool will present the final results. Each email address verified is categorized under groups such as Safe to Send, Accept-All, Disposable, Free Service, Role-based, Invalid and so forth.

Based upon the outcomes of the email verification software, you can select how you wish to deal with the email addresses: quarantine them, stop working them or proceed to send out emails to these specific addresses.

The most effective part is email verification tools, also called email checkers, which will not send out emails to verify if the address is correct.

Tips in Maintaining Your Data – Cleaning

Figure out your data providers:

Not all data providers are excellent sources. Thus, when you choose associates to collaborate with, you need to watch the quality of data they are providing you. Furthermore, don’t partner with data brokers, normally the data they are marketing has been sold over many times. This indicates you won’t acquire results with the clients, and you will also find stagnant data resulting in more hazards.

Get rid of unengaged users:

Regularly review your mailing list, and get rid of unengaged subscribers. It may be hard relinquishing the data you strove to obtain, but uninterested customers can generate troubles. If a customer has not opened any of your emails in the last 3 months, then eliminate them from your list at once. Through this, you are lowering threats of hard bounces and spam complaints.

Regular cleaning email lists with email verification:

Real-time email verification is the most effective way to remove poor quality leads at the point of collection. Don’t let inaccuracies and queer contact data slip into your web form and do harm. Inspect your leads at the front door to avoid spambots and scammers from penetrating your email list. Also, clean your complete list on a regular basis to avoid emails that were once effective from aging and causing harm.

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