How Email List Verification Improves Sender Reputation

Curious how email list verification works and why it is important for your business? We’ll explain in this article how it works and how you can benefit from it.

Email marketing begins by carrying out your best efforts of getting people subscribed on your mailing list through your social media posts, blog content, lead magnets, and freebies. Right afterward, you initiate sending out email newsletters with the use of your preferred Email Service Provider (ESP).

As time goes by, you may notice that those active and engaged users are now unresponsive. Your email messages continue to bounce, and the only couple of your customers are obtaining your newsletters.

This is due to the decreasing rate of your email deliverability. Your Sender Score is a significant aspect of your email deliverability. It enables the ISPs to figure out if you deserve to land on your subscriber’s inbox or need to be filtered out to the spam folder. The greater your score, the more desirable placement you get, and the lower your score, then most likely you will get embedded in the junk folder.

A meaningful way to strengthen your email deliverability is by applying a method referred to as email verification.

How Email Verification Works

Email verification works by verifying emails through a series of steps that can help you boost your email deliverability.

The following are the benefits of email verification and how it helps in strengthening your sender reputation.

Gets Rid Of Hard Bounces

The primary reason why your sender score plunges is due to a hard bounce. It usually occurs because the email address doesn’t exist anymore or worse, never existed at all, and what you’ve obtained is a fake email address.

Use email hygiene services regularly to find outdated addresses and eliminate them just before your upcoming campaign. It is also suggested that you validate each freshly gained email address to avoid inaccuracies and dummy accounts from generating more excess hard bounces.

Lowers Spam Complaints

Every marketer wishes to have a no more than 0.1% spam complaint rate per 5,000 email messages they sent out. Therefore, bear in mind to produce only high-quality material to interested customers.

In an attempt to reduce people from clicking spam on your email message; services, such as, Verify550 instantly flags email accounts of people who have a high rate of flagging emails as spam.

Avoids Getting Blacklist

If you have been hailed as blacklister, this is among the main reason why the sender score falls off. It prevents your message from getting acknowledged by the web server. 

Exercising effective list hygiene and obtaining data from the proper suppliers is important in reducing the possibility of ending up being blacklisted. Bear in mind it is also highly recommended that you keep track of your mailing IPs every day to see if you have become blacklisted and strive to get it fixed right before you begin your future campaign.

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