How Email Scrubbing Service Helps You To Achieve Effective Campaign?

An email scrubbing service is an essential part of maintaining an active mailing list. Let’s explore each of the benefits of email scrubbing in greater depth.


A High Deliverability Rate

Bounced or spammed emails harm your sender’s reputation and deliverability. Having too many inactive subscribers can sometimes make it difficult to reach your subscribers’ inboxes. Identifying and removing these addresses will improve deliverability using email list scrubbing.


Higher Click-Throughs And Open Rates

You may wonder why your click-through and open rates are constantly decreasing. These metrics are influenced by inactive subscribers who are left on your list.


Open rate indicates the number of emails that a recipient has opened. As a result of the successful delivery of a campaign, the click-through rate shows the number of clicks received. After you scrub your list, you will only be able to contact interested prospects. As a result, your metrics will improve.


A Lower Bounce Rate

Some technical errors or changed email addresses can cause emails to bounce. You will never be able to send campaigns because their servers will bounce back everything you send them. Campaign performance will be negatively affected by bounces. Therefore, such contacts need to be excluded from your list.


Knowing what the main benefits of cleaning the list are, you should also figure out when is the best time.


How Often Should You Scrub Your Email List?

Your mailing list needs to be scrubbed if you notice several warning signs.

Click-through and open rates drop. Your first concern should be email metrics. You should consider email scrubbing if your open rates are declining and do not reach a rate of 15-25%. Similarly, your click-through rate indicates how many subscribers followed a link in your email. A low rate means your mailing list is not of high quality, so you should examine how you can improve it. Overall, keep an eye on these rates because any decline can harm your reputation.


Spam complaints have increased.

Monitor your campaign statistics to find spam complaints. You may be sending irrelevant emails, having involuntary subscriptions, sending spam, or creating unrealistic expectations after reading your subject line if you receive more complaints. Regularly cleaning your mailing list is one way to deal with all of this.


There Are More Unsubscribed Users.

An increase in unsubscribes on your mailing list indicates inappropriate or spammy content, untailored emails, or too many emails are sent. The reputation of these users impacts your email metrics.


It is essential to clean your mailing list every six months as a rise in spam complaints, unsubscribes, or a decrease in open and click rates will negatively impact deliverability and reputation.


A Lower Spam Complaint Rate

Subscribers should find value in the content of your emails. However, don’t forget that some people just joined your mailing list for a discount or freebie. You may find that your list members grow apathetic toward your emails and even begin to feel intrusive.


Use an unsubscribe link in your emails to prevent them from being marked as spam. Users can opt out of your marketing emails by clicking this link in the footer of the email.

The 5 Steps to Cleaning Up Your Email List
  1. Identify inactive subscribers
  2. Segment your inactive contacts
  3. Verify your email list
  4. Re-engage inactive subscribers
  5. Remove inactive subscribers


There is nothing wrong with an email campaign with fantastic offers, but usually, some subscribers will lose interest. You may lose some of them because your products don’t meet their needs or because they only signed up for a discount. Therefore, it is essential to follow the best practices such as email scrubbing to prevent emails from getting into the spam folder.


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