How Exactly Email Verification Software Works?

We frequently mention on our blogs the importance of using email verification software. This tool will help your company to succeed and grow among your competitors. Still, very few companies don’t use this tool because they are unfamiliar with the advantages of applying one.


But Again, What Is Email Verification?

Email verification is a service that detects potential spam traps and other email address problems just before ISP and ESP flagged you and leads to long-term harm to your reputation.


Email Validation supports cleaning up your mailing lists to strengthen deliverability, helping you connect with your subscribers.


An Email Validation service provider makes use of an advanced email verification system to look for syntax consistency. However, compared to basic email verification, their process goes above and further than Javascript and incorporates AI, multi-layer examination, and complex protocols to pinpoint problematic email addresses– often straightaway.


Email verification service providers use these records to foresee the probability an email revert as a hard bounce. Every email that undergoes this system is sorted using a scoring method and 30 various indicative codes. If an email is suspicious, it is segregated for evaluation, and the system often-times autocorrects syntax inaccuracies, or online marketers may approve/remove the suspicious email from their mailing list.


Moreover, the scoring method serves as a warning if an email is working but not engaging with any of the messages for quite some time. This also allows online marketers to keep list hygiene.


Summary Of How It Works:


  1. It starts with a syntax check. It involves undergoing the entire email lists to ensure no inaccuracies such as extra spaces, dots, commas, and misspelled names.


  1. Next is domain check. This step verifies if the domain name truly exists. This is vital since some users purposely put in inaccurate domains quickly, like “” or “”. Additionally, some domains may not be functioning anymore, leaving the address lifeless at the same time. Verification makes sure you only have email addresses hosted on a functioning domain.


  1. The last procedure is sending out an email ping. This is an advanced procedure, and not all email verifiers deliver it. Thus, it is necessary to possess a tool that includes this specialty to ensure that all emails are verified with minimal to absolutely no mistakes.


How to always keep your mailing list data clean

Prioritize data quality.

Clean your mailing lists consistently using an email list cleaning service to distinguish outdated or inaccurate email addresses and get rid of them right before your upcoming campaign. Using real-time verification, you can verify every newly obtained email address to avoid typos and fake accounts from causing undesirable hard bounces.


Regularly Check Your Database

Assess and get rid of non-engaging subscribers. Non-engaging subscribers can induce complications – if an individual has not opened some of your emails over the last three months, eliminate them from your list immediately to lessen the possibility of spam complaints and hard bounces.


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