Learn What Email Validation Services is and Its Benefits

Having a good email validation services is a fundamental tool of every email marketer and business owner.

The reason is because of email deliverability. You need to keep it at a higher level,  regardless if you are sending out emails to existing subscribers or new prospects.

And the quickest way to mess up your deliverability is by consistently sending our messages to poor email addresses on your mailing list.

Even when you work with a clean and good quality mailing list, it is suggested that you constantly re-verify the email addresses now and then, as there is a great chance that a portion of your emails can become stagnant every couple of months.

What is Email Validation?

Email Validation is process that verifies whether an email address is 100% valid and deliverable. It conducts a quick procedure that captures typos and other inaccuracies regardless if they are honest mistakes or deliberate abuse. It also validates if a specific email address uses a reliable domain like Gmail or Yahoo. This services not only allows organizing and cleansing your directory of email addresses but also helps in securing your sender score, hence optimizing the effectiveness of your email marketing initiatives.

How it Email Validation works?

To begin with, you are required to bulk upload your email addresses database. Email validation services will then make fast inspections to identify if the email addresses are valid, risky or invalid.


This implies that the email address working and error free. This verification will be concluded to the mailbox level.


This indicates the receiver exists, however there are additional aspects in which suggest that this email address might still lead to a bounce.


In case an email address is labeled as invalid, it includes of syntax errors, DNS errors and/or mailbox errors.

How Does Email Validation Help?

Validating your mailing list before carrying out email marketing campaigns possess its very own advantages.

1. It decreases bounce rate as much as 98%, therefore strengthening your email deliverability by eliminating every invalid email addresses out of your list.

2. Helps you to keep a strong Sender Score.

3. You’ll save more funds since you are only sending out email messages to high-quality subscribers subscribers.

4. You’ll maintain a greater conversion rate, as you will be capable to send out your email messages to the correct email addresses.

To conclude, bear in mind that email list validation service is a crucial tool for email marketing campaigns. Without having a clean mailing list, you can not conserve less spam rates or high sender reputation. Always remember to validate emails before sending, just as we have mentioned above. If you would wish to make use of Verify550’s high-class email deliverability services that not only validates emails but at the same time secures your reputation, check our website now.

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