There are many email list validation service loopholes. One cannot be in the email marketing business without running into them whether good or bad. This article explains a few common loopholes emailers will run into or should look for to gain or look out for.




Email service providers used to frown upon email marketers. Now, since spam fighters have gotten even more aggressive, they have no choice but to allow emailers through, even if they spam. In fact, it’s quite common for an email service provider to hook up an API to email list hygiene companies to scope the email list before it’s being sent. That’s why it takes so long to upload. If they find traps, they will either let you mail on a bad IP or alert the postmaster where you have to explain to them where you got the list. Email validation services can help you judge your list and remove the bad so they won’t place you on bad IP’s in the first place.




Subscribers are really funny. Since we now have the attention span of a gnat, most don’t remember if and when we signed up to a newsletter or offer 30 days ago or longer. This is the subject that most are facing now because of the GDPR and other data/spam laws which are harming the email industry. Legal teams are working around the clock to change laws and/or use verbiage in the laws to their advantage. To understand what a subscriber is, is the ultimate challenge to sending an email to them from one or third parties.




Building a history and a foundation with all the elements of your sending server is what is hot right now. Domains and IP’s without any history are swiped to the side in exchange for seasoned mail exchanges. Telling a good story around the domain and the IP’s that have been associated via content and antiquity of non blacklistings is the key to delivery. Free email list validation services will not help you identify any whois history for any data configurations.


Email list validation service are the first rule in email marketing. By removing the threats of complaints and traps, you find yourself with a list you can build a history on with subscribers to massage the ESP. Your sending score and/or relationship with the ESP depends on it.