This article explains how to find email validation services online. We have written many articles about the difference between validation and verification. To sum that up, validation does not do smtp handshakes. So if you wants to remove bounces yourself, then all you need is a validation company. Here is a great keyword search article to help you find the best validation companies out there for email list hygiene.

Email verification services does smtp handshakes so we need to not use the word “verification” in any of our searches. “Email List Validation” is the most popular and you will see dozens of companies that do such a thing. Before I forget, make sure you ask them to do mx/dns checks instead of only checking against static lists. Some hygiene companies do not validate the email in real time, rather, they use cache databases to validate if the email checks out.

Email validation services are not as expensive as email verification services because it does not require multiple IP’s and domains to validate the emails. In fact, validation never gets flagged or blacklisted because the approach and questions to the postmaster is extremely benign in nature. Because of large domains like Yahoo or AOL, the security to get thousands of emails inside is strict thus requiring a robust and powerful algorithm that understands how to shake hands with them.

Validation services for email marketers is/are the cheapest alternative to any measure as understood above. But beware. You could be paying verification prices for validation services. Many hygiene companies do not do the full monty by cutting corners settling for half rate results. And as I was telling one of my clients = any yahoo can randomly pull 40% of emails out of any list and get away with mailing clean but those (most of the industry) people don’t have the heart for it. Email validation with eHygienics is the best of the best because I was the second company on Earth to offer it. This means, I know what I am doing.