One of our customers sent me an email with the subject line “I love my email verify tool” and it intrigued me so much I opened it right away. It was totally worthy of a full blog and I think you’ll enjoy this testimony of Verify550.


“Dear James, I love my email verify tool. Over the course of 10 years, I have used <redacted>, <redacted> and <redacted>. Sometimes, I have to use all three before I can mail to remove as many traps and bounces as I can. I have plenty of data sources but my problem was never about the data, rather it was the cleaning of it. After cleaning once with Verify550, I was able to mail without a single problem. In fact, my sender score went through the roof. I didn’t believe it at first so I decided to put you to the test. I grabbed the crustiest list I had and cleaned it through you. Then I mailed it through a brand new MailChimp account. NOT ONE COMPLAINT. How in the word are you doing this? Keep up the great work and thanks for saving me thousands of dollars a month by using one instead of 3 cleaning companies! Jim A. Omaha, NE”


Wow. What a compliment. Since we at Verify550 are transparent about our techniques, it would be good to explain how we were able to create email hygiene services all under one roof. The secret is eHygienics technology. 10 years ago, we wrote version 1.0 which revolutionized the email marketing industry. Our mx checking technology allowed us to add IP’s to our system where we can match and remove against what we feel are threats. After writing about the 22 common characteristics of spam fighters, we built an algorithm that monitors and predicts activity for listing purposes.


Combined with our 9 gigabits of suppressions dating back to 1999 of complainers, traps, litigators and bots, eHygienics’ validation tool really cleans up the data before we do the SMTP handshakes with Verify550. Email list verification is what our customers have wanted ever since we created eHygienics. Verify550 is that completion with a little extra technology to remove traps. Antispam servers use certain technology to block, report and monitor spam. Verify550 approaches the recipient 3 times and picks the best 2 out of 3 responses. Because we approach the recipient in such manner, we were able to identify ISP characteristic crumbs that allows us to know the kind of antispam system they are using. Validation and verification all combined into one! Contact us today for a free quote or live demo!