We all want an email list cleaner free from fraud and this article will explain how to spot sneaky snakes. At least half of all email hygiene companies are fraudulent to some level and degree. Any whom say they can remove 100% of anything is lying through their teeth. There are 30,000 ISP’s worldwide and each one has their own unique way of blocking, allowing, monitoring and aggregating traffic. This means that whatever information you are trying to receive will not as accurate as one would want.

Email hygiene companies know this, so they use fancy words and angles to direct you to “good feeling” deals instead of the truth. As we said in our previous article, “any yahoo can randomly remove 40% of emails and get away with emailing clean”, and hygiene companies prey off this attitude. The fraud in this industry is outrageous, not including the monopoly of a few whom have rubbed elbows with the right people at the right time metamorphosing temporary success. One must be careful and mindful at all cost when handing over your subscriber list for email hygiene services.

So naturally, if anyone is saying they have an email list cleaner free for you to use, then something is up. Even if it’s validation, the cost to do it is there and a business person must make a profit. This means that whomever is offering a free service is either selling or trading your data. Be on guard and make sure you get NDA’s. Remember, this industry started out by a few fraudsters whom stole AOL’s emails and started bulk email marketing.

Finding an email list cleaner free from fraud is like finding gold. You secure your claim, keep your mouth shut and start to work as quietly as possible until you pull every ounce you can. Email marketing is a small industry and everyone talks. They keep secrets but it doesn’t stay secret for long. Once someone finds a way to email market without hassles, they shut their mouths and wear it out until there is nothing left, then they start selling it. By then, the saturation is there and hardly any gold is left.