Is Email List Cleaning Essential For Effective Marketing Campaigns?

Email list cleaning, also known as email verification or validation, refers to the process of locating potentially hazardous or invalid email addresses and removing them from the list. Maintaining a clean list is essential, even if yours is excellent and has high participation. Good email addresses don’t always remain valid.

Due to the pandemic, it is more important than ever to clean your email lists.

For email marketers, 2020 has been as unusual and difficult a year as the rest of the world has experienced. Numerous email accounts have been disabled or haven’t been checked in months as a result of millions of people being suspended or out of work.

Email lists degraded by 25% in the first weeks of the pandemic, as reported by Christopher Penn, Chief Data Scientist at To put it another way, the quality of the data is deteriorating quickly. It will get worse when more and more email addresses become undeliverable.

Old email addresses that no longer work have a big effect on email marketing campaigns.

Just a few examples are as follows:

Many business-to-business (B2B) email addresses are becoming outdated, causing enormous bounce rates for senders.

Those who send emails with high bounce rates lose credibility. To keep your inbox placement secure, your overall bounce rate should be less than 2%.

Companies say that their email advertising has a lower return on investment (ROI) because they are not reaching their subscribers.


How to purge your email list 

Email lists can be checked in bulk or in real time. It’s likely best for most people who maintain an email list to do both.

Cleaning up a large email list 

This is the first place you should begin if you have never cleaned your email list before. If you use the services of a reliable email validation firm, their technology will quickly identify the bad addresses on your list and let you delete them. This should be done at least once per quarter and preferably before any major campaign.

Real-time mailing list cleaning

Maintaining a clean list starts with screening new subscribers to remove any potentially problematic addresses. Do you offer a form for people to sign up for your newsletter or a page where they can register for your platform so that they can create an account? It would be fantastic if there was an API that could instantly verify emails. Simply implementing an API for validating emails can stop invalid or potentially malicious emails from joining your mailing list.

How to pick a company to clean your email list

Choose your email list cleansing service with these considerations in mind:

  • Validity
  • Pricing
  • Efficiency
  • Privacy and Data Protection Regulation Observance
  • Integrations

A reliable email validation service also provides round-the-clock customer support.

Optional features, such as filling in the blanks, are also welcome additions to the list.

Another critical factor to consider is the email list cleaner’s compatibility with your current ecosystem. When integrated with your ESP, it simplifies the process of list cleansing. Import the list from your ESP into the email validator, get it cleaned, and then import it back into your ESP.



When focusing on writing engaging emails, it’s easy to forget about basic email list hygiene services. The equivalent would be to focus solely on the exterior of an automobile instead of addressing the engine’s urgent need for maintenance. Maintaining a clean list on a consistent basis is crucial if you want to get the most out of it.

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